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15 February 2007 @ 04:43 pm
Faithless Ch. 7  
Title: Faithless Chapter 7
Author: blu_eyed_demon & agape_eternal
Fandom: 30 Seconds To Mars
Archiving: unfaithful_love
Pairing: Shannon/Tomo, Matt/Solon, light Jared/Matt, Tomo/OFC,
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, mentions of rape and drug use, extremely rough consensual sex
Disclaimers: We do not know these people, anything about their personalities and do not seek to make any profit from this work. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect the behavior/actions of any of these people in real life.
Summary: Solon’s wreaking havoc and leaving everyone destroyed in his wake….
Author Notes: We don't own 'em, just like to play with 'em. Part of a series entitled, “Faithless”
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The next morning, Shannon is the first to wake. He doesn't know which pisses him off more: the way Tomo and Mike and snuggled together or the way Solon and Matt are a tangle of limbs, the bunk smelling like sex.

Matt awakens not long after him, climbs out of the bunk and picks his boxers up off of the floor.

"Morning Shan,” he mumbles.

"What the hell are you playing at?" he asks, disgusted.

"Just don't fucking say it..." Matt says softly, pulling on his boxers. As he makes his way to the bathroom, Shannon follows.

"I see no cuts or bruises, you went willingly." Shannon accuses, close on his heels

"Would you rather me tell him no and he goes after your Tomo?" Matt snaps.

"I'm just saying you seemed pretty fucking happy about the arrangement last night, you didn't exactly keep quiet."

"Yeah... I’d have been even happier if my name had been 'Matt' and not 'Shannon'. It doesn't fucking matter anyway,” Matt sighs and slams the bathroom door. Shannon rolls his eyes and begins his search for food.

The bang of the bathroom door wakes Tomo, who climbs out of the bunk carefully and heads for the kitchen area. He smiles when he sees Shannon but the older man doesn't return the gesture.

Tomo goes over and wraps his arms around him. "Morning,” he whispers.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Shannon grunts as he pulls out of Tomo's embrace

Tomo's face falls. "Shan” He sighs heavily. "Can we talk?"

"I don't know, can we?"

"Yes! What's going on?"


"Yeah something." Tomo takes Shannon's hand. "Please, sit down so we can talk."

Shannon allows himself to be pulled over to the table. "What do you want to talk about Tomo?"

"About why you're avoiding me. You hate Mikey being here, don’t you?" He tries to kiss the older man.

Shannon pulls back. "I'm not and I don’t, you're just being paranoid."

"Really?" Tomo looks at him disbelievingly

"Yeah, now if you'll excuse me I want breakfast." Shannon starts to stand

Tomo pulls him down and tries to kiss him again. "Shannon..." But the drummer pulls back

"Look, don't make a big issue out of nothing, ok?"

Tomo looks hurt but says a simple “Fine.” Before heading to the bathroom. Tomo turns the shower on and sinks into the corner, watching the water run.

Shannon slumps back in his seat and buries his head in his hands, listening to water running. Shannon sits swearing to himself, whacking his forehead on the table.

Mike comes out. "Trying to chop the table?"

"Trying to kill myself slowly." Shannon mutters

"Nice." Mike sits opposite Shannon.

"It's an option."

"Don't kill yourself, Tomo'd be devastated."

"I'm sure you'd be there to comfort him." Shannon mutters quietly, bitterly

"Look, me and Tomo are FRIENDS...nothing more, never have been."

"I hear you say it but...yesterday you were making out , I saw you."

"Weren’t making out, so I kissed him but what’s a kiss between friends? You’re saying you’ve never kiss one of you’re friends when they’ve been in desperate need of comfort? We're close, but we're not fucking or anything. I love girls WAY too much to be a fag."

Shannon stares at him for a long time before saying quietly, "It's the opposite with us right now, we've fucked but...I don't feel close with him anymore. How selfish is that? Yesterday he sacrificed so much, took so much pain for me and I'm moaning that I don't feel close to him, it's stupid…Just now he tried to talk to me but I shut him out, I didn't want to but still I..."

"Because of me, look I don't want anything more than friendship with Tomo. You two need to talk."

"It's me being a jealous fuckhead." Shannon lets his head fall back down to the table with a thud.

"Then go talk to him."

"I'll say something stupid."

"Well that's one scenario...he probably heard it all back there any way."

"Fine, I'll go talk to him but if I say something stupid it's your fucking fault. And you’re not to kiss him or touch him like that anymore or you won’t even live to regret it, oh and he’s my baby not yours, got it?"

“Ok, whatever." Mike shakes his head and turns, heading back to Tomo's bunk.

"You're the one sending me in there." Shannon reminds the other man one last time as he makes his way over to the tiny bathroom.

Tomo's still sitting in the corner of the shower. When Shannon opens the bathroom door and steps into the room, shutting the door behind him. He reaches out, into the shower cubicle, touching Tomo's shoulder, the Croatian jumps up in fear. "It's only me baby."

Tomo visibly relaxes. "You scared me,” he says softly before adding, "You wanna get in?"

"Please." Shannon quickly strips off his clothes and steps up the spray. "I'm an ass." He says as he wraps his arms around Tomo.

"No you're not,” Tomo whispers, nuzzling Shannon’s neck, kissing him gently.

"I really am, you gave up everything for me yesterday and look how I repay you, I'm sorry." He kisses the nape of Tomo's neck gently

Tomo moans softly. "It's ok...make me forgive you."


"Do I need to spell it out for you?"

"Baby, you were raped repeatedly yesterday; I don't think it's a good idea." Shannon tells him sadly, feeling like a broken record

"Just hold me then...or better yet..." Tomo drops to him knees in front of Shannon.

"Tomo-" he's cut off by Tomo taking him in his mouth. Tomo moans softly, sucking on Shannon.

"Oh God baby, mmmmmm so good, so fucking good." The older man moans as Tomo continues the suction on his cock. Though he does his best to control his movement so as not to scare the Croatian, Shannon can't help thrusting into Tomo's mouth occasionally. Tomo caresses Shannon's thighs, not minding the thrusting.

"Oh God Tomo, feels so good." Tomo cups Shannon's heavy sac in one hand, massaging. He knows he's close already. His moans are getting louder but he doesn't care that most people are still asleep, his only focus is the man kneeling before him. Tomo deep throats him, tonguing the slit. Shannon suddenly explodes, spilling into Tomo's mouth.

Tomo drinks it all, licking Shannon clean. "Feel good baby?"

Shannon falls to his knees and kissing Tomo. "So good, but shouldn’t I be repaying you? After all, I am the one who's meant to be apologizing."

Tomo smiles. "You don't have to, I know you love me. Though I wouldn't turn you down."

"Stand up." Shannon says softly, it's not an order. He doesn't want to sound like, well like someone he really doesn't want to think about right now.

Tomo does as Shannon asks and the older man instantly starts the task in hand, first licking and teasing Tomo's cock, coaxing it to full hardness. Tomo moans softly, twisting his hips as Shannon's tongue continues it's teasing trails under the hot water spray.

Tomo moans and writhes. "Mm, Shannon...more." Shannon slowly opens his mouth and takes inch by inch until he's deep-throating Tomo.

Tomo moans out his lover’s name loudly.
"Fuck, feels so good,” he murmurs.

As the drummer works, he starts gently massaging Tomo's hips. The Croatian catches hold of one of Shannon's hand and entwines their fingers as his moans louder. Shannon pulls his mouth away and swirls the tip of his tongue across the tip of Tomo's cock

"Uhnn, fuck...m'so close." Shannon presses his tongue a little harder, flicking his tongue quicker. Tomo grips Shannon's hand tighter, letting him know he’s right THERE.
Shannon braces himself, ready to swallow all Tomo had to give him. Tomo comes hard, shuddering and bracing himself on Shannon's shoulder. Shannon takes all of it but when he pulls back and looks at Tomo's face he sees horror. Looking over his shoulder he sees an unwelcome presence.

"Get out." he snarls.
Solon just smiles. "Thanks for the show."

Tomo goes white and pulls away from Shannon, huddling into the corner again, drawing his knees up to cover himself

"Got out." Shannon snarls, leaving the shower and pushing Solon out, shutting and locking the door behind him. He then turns back to Tomo.
"It's ok baby, its ok,” he says reassuringly, pulling Tomo into his arms.

"Will he ever leave us alone?" Tomo asks softly.

"I hope so." Shannon replies, cradling Tomo close to him.

Tomo sighs heavily. "Help me with my bandages?”

Matt sits on the outside steps chain smoking, tears falling down his face.

Mike comes out and spots him immediately, he’s hard to miss.
"What's up?" he asks.

Matt looks up at Tomo's friend. "Looking to play Agony aunt for all of us are you?" he asks snidely

"No, you just looked like you needed to talk. Sorry." He turns to leave

"Don’t be, I’m just not looking for company right now."

"That's cool,” Mike says and turns to head back to the bus.

Matt hangs his head, he's ashamed with himself. He wants to hate Solon for what he’s done to Tomo and Shannon and yet last night he'd almost sworn he was in love again. He fiddles with his wedding ring, he shouldn't have done what he had, and Libby would kill him, so why had he done it?

Matt feels a hand on his shoulder. "Don't cry baby, last night was great. Like old times."

"But things have changed since then, I’ve changed since then; I'm a married man Sol. I shouldn't have done it."

Solon sits next to him and strokes his face gently. "I know baby,"

He melts into the touch, eyes sliding shut as he leans into Solon’s hand. "Sometimes, I think I'm still in love with you." he says softly

Solon kisses the side of his face gently. "You know I’ll always love you Mattie."

"Then why were you calling me Shannon last night?" He pulls away a little, looking at him hurt

"I'm sorry baby, with everything that was going on with him; he was on my mind is all." His hand gently scoots up Matt's thigh.

Matt's eyes close again and he relaxes under the touch. "I want to believe you but..."

Solon leans forward and sucks on Matt's ear softly, letting his hand go higher.
“Then believe me, sweetheart.”

"Why were you so rough with Tomo?" Matt's question turns into a moan from Solon's touch.

"Let's not talk about him," he says, unzipping Matt's pants.

Matt sighs on contact. "Isn't this kinda of a public venue Sol? Can't we take it inside baby? Please?"

Solon stands extending his hand for Matt. "What Mattie wants, Mattie shall have."

Matt takes his hand with a smile. "I do love you."

"Love you too." Solon’s voice is harsh on the meaningful words but Matt doesn’t care, it’s been a long time since he’s heard Solon say those words to him and he’s damned if they didn’t send him as weak at the knees as the first time he said them.

He lets Solon lead him back into the bus and lays back on the bunk for Solon to crawl on top of him. As Sol starts removing the bassist’s clothes, Matt's head turns slightly and sees Shannon and Tomo coming out of the bathroom. He can't take their disgusted glares so pulls the curtain to hide from them. Solon kisses him gently, moving over his jaw and ear, Matt sighs writhing as he unbuttons his shirt for Solon.

Solon’s kisses trail down his chest, stopping to bite a nipple hard. "You like that baby?" He whispers as Matt arches up to him.

"God yeah." Matt moans softly. “More...PLEASE.”

Solon gets rid of Matt's pants and underwear quickly. He blows warm air over Matt's achingly hard cock causing his hips buck up to Solon's mouth involuntarily as he curses silently to himself.

Solon stops and arches an eyebrow at him.
"Keep your hips still." Matt does as he's told and lays still on the bunk waiting for Solon's next move. He bites back his moans as he feels the first of Solon's probing fingers enter him.

Solon continues to stretch and prepare Matt. He lubes himself and places the head of his cock at Matt's entrance.
"What do you want? Come on Matthew, tell me what you want." He asks him.

Matt pulls his hand away from his mouth and moans loudly. "Fuck me Sol, fuck me hard."

"You got it," Solon says and pushes into him hard as Matt wraps his legs around Solon's tightly, giving the other man better access as he starts to moan loudly. Suddenly realising the sounds are coming from him, he looks at Solon nervously and is relived when the other man smiles.

Sol leans down and kisses him hard. "You like this baby?" He whispers against Matt's lips.

"God yes, harder." Matt moans moving his hips to meet Solon's thrusts, he throws his head back enabling Solon to kiss down his neck. Sol bites down with surprising force on Matt's neck, then sucks at the skin to soothe it.

Matt's in lost in the pure euphoria he's experiencing. He's clawing Solon's back through the material of his t-shirt as the other man thrusts harder and harder into him. He's close, so close he can feel himself on the verge of breaking.

"More," He begs. "Harder, Sol, make it hurt. Please baby, hurt me."
Solon pulls almost completely out before slamming back into him, deliberately missing his prostate. Matt moans needily, slamming back to meet Solon, forcing him in deeper. Solon continues slamming into him as hard as possible, causing Matt to scream at the top of his voice from the pleasure as he comes all over them both. Solon slams into him one last time before coming hard and slumping on top of him.

"Was that good baby?"

Matt's utterly spent; he barely mustering the energy to weakly nod. "Uh-huh...yeah......"
"Good." Solon pulls out and gets up, zips up his pants and straightens his shirt. "I need a shower, see you later."

"Wait." Matt begs. "Stay," he clears his throat. "Stay with me, please Sol?"

"No, I need a shower. I'll see you later."

"But-" He cuts himself off as he sees the look on Solon's face. He falls silent and lets the man leave. Solon promptly goes to take his shower, not even looking back at Matt. Matt lies in his bunk despondently, not bothering to move, dress or even clean himself up.

Jared eventually comes over to his bunk.

"Are you proud of yourself?" the singer asks. Matt doesn't respond, he just rolls over.

"Not talking to me? Fine, suit yourself." Jared starts to leave

"I love him Jay, why?"

"You're asking me? I don't know Matt... I thought you loved me, at least before that fucking wedding anyway. But you were never like that with me, you never begged to be hurt, since when are you into that?... You were never that vocal with me." Jared looks hurt

"God Jay, I love you too. I am so fucked up,” Matt laughs softly at himself though with little humour in it. “But with Sol, it's like he only hurts those he loves...and he never hurts me unless I ask for it."

"So you want what he forced on to Tomo and Shannon?" Jared shakes his head "I don't get it."

"I know you don't...the rants of a twisted person is all." Matt wipes away a few stray tears.

"You're not twisted,” Jared nods to the bathroom door "he's twisted. You, I don't know what you are anymore."

"Thanks Jay," Matt says softly. "Broken is what I am."

"We're all broken in one way or another Mattie," Jared points out sadly before drifting off.

"Yeah, I guess,” Matt whispers. He's hurting for so many reasons; he shakes his head at himself.
"Fucking idiot." he mutters, to himself rather than anyone else. As he gets up, something near Tomo's bunk catches his eye, something familiar and inviting. He pulls on some jeans and goes to retrieve the bag...the coast appears is clear but a voice behind him asks "What exactly do you think you're doing?"
"Mike....nothing......I just..."

"I think we both know what you were going to do Matt." Mike says snatching the bag away and then taking a smaller one of pills away too.

"Mike please,” Matt says softly. He laughs quietly to himself. "God, I'm just seem to be begging everyone these days.” He shakes his head “You're right, I don't need that shit."

"I'm getting rid of it, and if I find that you've brought more onto the bus, I won't hesitate in telling Jared. And I know he won’t take kindly to it." Mike tells him

Matt hangs his head. He goes to his bunk and digs around. "Here,” he says adding more bags to Mike's hand. "I didn't take any...I was saving it for a rainy day."

"Thank you Matt." Mike says simply before moving towards the door of the bus, when he reaches it he turns and comes back. "I'll listen if you want to talk; sometimes it helps to not know the person too well."

"Yeah, because then they don't know how fucked up you are on the inside already. I love Jay, I always will. I married Libby because…well, because I didn’t know it was gonna be a mistake and my parents weren't about to accept a gay or bi son. And then there's Sol..." Mike sits down on the edge of someone’s bunk, tilting his head and listening intently, not saying a word.

"I mean Sol...We’ve known each other a long time. And I’ve always loved him, for as long as I can remember. But, I’ve never been enough. Then when we joined the band it was like I didn't exist anymore. He always ignores me until he needs someone submissive."

"Maybe that's why he ignores you, he doesn't like people who give in too easily. He prefers a 'challenge'." Mike suggests softly. "Not that I'm telling you to fight him because, well look at Tomo you don't want that, do you?" He falters at Matt's expression. "Do you Matt?"

"If Sol doesn't hurt you, he doesn't care about you at all, either way you know?...I’ve learned that over the years. It's his way of telling you that you matter, that he hates you or loves you...He's never hurt me unless I actually asked for it."

"And you think if he hurts you of his own accord it would mean he really loved you...or hated you..." Mike shakes his head, "Well, I see life with you guys isn’t going to be dull."

Matt laughs mirthlessly. "You got that right. Maybe I should just give it up. I always say that, but it never works. He can rope me in with a look, just ONE look."

"It can't be easy but I'm sure it's just like giving up anything else--one step at a time."

"Yeah, it takes a lot of time. But I can't say no to him...he's like a bad drug."

"All drugs are bad, trust me." Mike says darkly. "Let's talk about something else, why do you get off so much on being hurt?"

Matt shrugs "I dunno…because he's actually showing me some emotion. And as fucked as it sounds, it really does feel so good."

"How...? No, I don't want to know."

Matt doesn't say anything, just plays with his nails. "He doesn’t always get my name right. He sometimes calls me Shannon. I don't even know why I bother."

"Love is a funny old thing, makes you do things you'd otherwise never consider."

"No kidding. So what about you and Tomo?"

"I'm not gonna pretend I didn't see that coming. What about me and Tomo?"

"I mean, what's your relationship with him?"


"That's all?"

"Yeah, that's all. Why is it so fucking hard for you people to believe?"

"Because most friends aren't as close as you two that's all...and the way Tomo gets these big starry eyes when you're around."

"He doesn't get starry eyed, he was high last night." Mike points out

"No, I mean when you call or text him. And he gets this huge grin on his face."

"Really?" Mike smiles, but then it fades quickly. "I couldn't sleep with him Matt, screwing ruins everything besides I don’t swing that way."

"I know...your relationship goes beyond the physical, and that's good. But you two...never? Anything?"

"Well, there have been a few mornings when we were teenagers, waking up hungover thinking 'Did we'? But I don't think we did and since I doubt I'll ever have the memories, I won't need to find out and don’t really want to. Besides teenagers are meant to experiment, it wouldn’t mean anything if we had."

"Yeah, I remember mornings like that. But what about a handjob or two?"

"You getting off on this or something." Mike teases playfully

"Of course, that's why I want to know, come on detail!” Matt winks. "But seriously, have you?"

"Don't think so."

Matt shrugs just as Tomo stomps in from the kitchen area.
"Hey ladies man, ready to go?" He throws Mike his car keys.

Mike jumps up. "Yeah sure. Tomo? Matt's just asked an interesting question that I don't know the answer to it." He looks down at Matt. "I'm sure you know how hard to know it can be after a trip or two."

Tomo looks confused. "Ok, so what's the question?"

"Did we ever fool around, when high I mean, I know we never did any other time."

Tomo rolls his eyes. "You wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole, high or not. "

"Ok, no need to be like that babes." He reaches out for Tomo but the Croatian pulls away.

"It's the truth, wasn't like I lied or anything. I'm heading to Starbucks, everyone wants coffee. Matt, what do you want?"

"Anything strong enough to wake the dead."

"You got it. Ready Mike?"

"Yeah sure." He's watching Tomo closely. "What is it about this bus that causes scenes?" he asks, mostly to no one but Matt hears and shakes his head, laughing.

"Who knows man, maybe it's the present of Hollywood down there." Matt nods his head in Jared's direction, loud enough for the singer to here.

"Fuck you!" Jared calls out of to him, middle finger raise and smirk in place. Tomo says nothing, he just walks off.

Mike hurries to catch up to him. "Why you storming off Tomo? What have I done...You can’t go too far, we're taking my car remember?"

"Ok...but Starbucks is right up the street."

"Then why did you ask to take the fucking car?"
Tomo shrugs. "I'd rather go for a walk now,” he says without looking back.

Mike hurries to catch up, catching Tomo by the hand forcing him to slow down.

Tomo pulls his hand from Mike's. "What?"

"What crawled up your ass and died?"

"Nothing why?" Tomo asks his back to Mike.

“I’ve been up like half hour but I seem to have pissed you off is all.”

"You didn't piss me off. You asked a question and I answered it."

Mike looks at him, concerned. “What’s the matter, having re-entry problems? Cold Turkey isn’t easy, I know that Tommy. Just don’t take it out on me.”

"What the fuck are you talking about? I was talking about how you got all weird when you asked if we ever...you know." Tomo shakes his head. "C'mon, we're almost there."

“I don’t get weird, I asked a valid question. You know I never remember anything that happened the times I got high, just vague flashes, how am I meant to know what they mean?”

"What kind of flashes?" Tomo asks, biting his lip.

“I don’t know, touching…kissing…I don’t know who it is, one of the girls, one fo the guys, someone’s fucking dog I don’t know, it could be absolutely anyone I never remember the faces.”

"Oh," Tomo says softly. "We're here." Tomo goes in and places the orders for the drinks.

“Why, do you know something baby? Do you remember now, coz you’ve always said you were as blank as me about those times we dropped E at parties n shit.” He leans on the counter to look Tomo in the face.

"If I knew something, I'd have said," Tomo says. He slips his black sunglasses on his face.

Mike nods slowly. “I know it’s just, you’ve not exactly been that forthcoming lately. Forget I said anything, ok?”

“Sure," Tomo says softly, he walks around the shop for a minute before returning to Mike's side.

Mike watches the orders being made for a few minutes before remembering something. “Last night you said we were leaving for Detroit during the night, what happened there?”".

Tomo shrugs "The drivers must've been really tired or something. We're leaving as soon as we get back...why? In a hurry?"

“Didn’t exactly tell the girls I was leaving town.” Mike explains. “Plus I know a group of guys all looking forward to your arrival.”

"You can call Kay and let her know we'll be there soon," Tomo says, his back to the team of people filling their order. "Yeah, I'm sure they'll all jump for joy," he says quietly. He fidgets with his jacket’s zipper.

“Will do, you know how Kayla fusses, she’s the one who’s looking after Maddy by the way. She’s three in a few months and still constantly asking where her uncle Tomo is. Kid sisters, eh?” He smiles fondly as he thinks of his siblings. “And of course the guys are gonna be happy to see you, they ain’t seen you in so long.”

"Aww, we'll have to turn the girls into Echelons," he says playing with his nails. "Yeah, those assholes. I'm sure I'm in for it." He turns to stare out the window.

“I think Kayla already is, and you know how the guys are, they like to take the piss but they love you to pieces, you know that so quit bitching.”

"Go Kay." He smiles lopsidedly before rolling his eyes. "Yeah I know. You guys all love me." He doesn't say anything else for a while.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Mike tries, wrapping his arms around Tomo’s neck, fingers gently massaging the tense muscle.

"Nothing special," Tomo says, slightly breathless. He brings his forehead to Mike's and smiles.

“How are you feeling? You took quite a beating yesterday, I’m surprised you’re moving around so much right now.” Tomo pulls out of the embrace sharply.

"I'm feeling ok," he says. "Ooh, orders ready." Tomo picks up half the order, leaving the rest to Mike.

Tomo’s sudden withdraw gives Mike a bad feeling, as they leave Mike says, “Baby, you are way too mobile for a guy who could barley walk last night. What’s going on?”

"Nothing, I got a good night’s sleep. Most of it was the shock I think," he says. He starts laughing out of the clear blue. "Remember that one time we went to Starbucks when we were high? And you ordered like 6 cookies or something and you were trying to smoke 'em. Those were fun times." He goes silent again.

“I never remember anything when I’m high you know that, and Tomo? Stop avoiding the issue. Look at me.” If he didn’t have his hands full, he’d have pulled Tomo’s sunglasses away, he wants to check something, confirm his suspicions.

"I'm not high," Tomo says, dropping his head a little so his sunglasses come down. "See? Really, I'm not. I swear baby."

"Just checking, you understand right?"

"'Course." Tomo goes silent again. They reach the buses in silence and start passing around the orders. Suddenly Solon catches hold of Mike’s wrist.

"Let me go," he says pulling his wrist from Solon's grip. "What the fuck do you want?"

"You." Solon says quietly, but Matt still hears and looks deeply hurt. Solon passes a sideways glance at Matt as Mike shakes his head.

"No, sorry. Why don't you go hit up your faithful puppy dog?"

"Maybe I'm interested in tasting something new right now."

"What about me?" Matt demands suddenly from his left.

"Later baby, don't make an issue of it." Solon brushes him off.

"No, I want you now." His voice is loud and shaky

"Don't tell me what to do Matt." Solon whispers dangerously.

"I want you," Matt whispers caressing Solon’s thigh.

Solon forcefully removes Matt's hand. "Stop it Matthew." He says angrily, not noticing that Mike's escaped.

Matt replaces his hand. "No, I want you." He starts trying to open Sol's pants. Solon pushes Matt away. Many of the people on the bus are staring or looking away clearly embarrassed.

Matt falls hard. Despite the fact that he’d landed with a loud thud, he gets up instantly and returns to Solon.

Solon slaps him across the face. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Matthew?" Matt blinks for a second before his hand connects with Solon's face. Livid, Solon lunges for him. Matt cries out as Sol grabs a hold of him.

"Never hit me again, got it?" He snarls, smashing Matt's head back, connecting it with the wall. Matt just whimpers, he doesn’t even try to push Sol off him.

Suddenly, it's like Solon realizes what he's done. He's always reframed from hitting Matt, for reasons he's never explored, he's broken his own rule in a moment of anger. His wild demeanour suddenly changes entirely and he softly kisses Matt.

"Please be a good boy Mattie, I really didn't want to do that." And suddenly he's gone, out of the bus, leaving Matt being stared at by all his friends.

Matt just walks off and crawls into his bunk, soon enough a familiar hand gently strokes his back soothingly.

"You really are glutton for punishment you know that?"

"I know Jay, I know." He cuddles up with the older man tearfully

Jared simply kisses him gently. "I won't pretend to understand or approve but I know he's upsetting you Mattie and that's what I really can't stand." Jared wraps his arms around his friend tightly "He's making a fool out of you."

Matt snuggles closer to Jared. "I'm sorry I hurt you."

"Forget about it, we all hurt from time to time, it reminds us we’re still human." Jared tells him softly. Matt nods and huddles as close to Jared as possible, eventually falling asleep.

Jared lays watching Matt sleep for sometime. Soothing him when the buses engines roar into life and he begins to stir. He turns and nuzzles Jared's neck.

"Go back to sleep, baby." Jared softly whispers, Matt sighs contentedly, and falls back to sleep.

Jared listens quietly to the rest of the bus, Tomo's whimpers are coming from the bathroom where Mike's redressing the wounds, Shannon's screaming abuse at a Playstation game with some of the other guys and Solon's talking to someone, charming them is more like it. It sounds like it could be Andre; Jared shakes his head and hopes that his friend isn't next on the list.

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