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09 April 2007 @ 12:41 am
Faithless Ch. 9  
Title: Faithless Chapter 9
Author: blu_eyed_demon & agape_eternal
Fandom: 30 Seconds To Mars
Archiving: unfaithful_love
Pairing: Tomo/OFC, Tomo/Shannon, Matt/Solon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, mentions of drug use,
Disclaimers: We do not know these people, anything about their personalities and do not seek to make any profit from this work. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect the behavior/actions of any of these people in real life.
Summary: Tomo brings up an old habit...and has a hell of a time hiding it...
Author Notes: We don't own 'em, just like to play with 'em. Part of a series entitled, “Faithless”
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"C'mon man...we stopped,” Matt says taking Tomo's hand.

"Give me a min, k?" Tomo asks softly, he doesn't want anyone to see he's been crying in his sleep.

Matt nods. "Yeah, I'll be outside." Tomo hastily dries his face on his sleeves and then pulls on a long sleeve top to ensure no sees anything. When he leaves his bunk, Mike’s standing there, waiting for him.

"Hey. I'm gonna head out with Matt for a little bit and then we can go see the guys."

"I thought you'd want to come with me to see the girls, you know they'll love to see you," Mike points out

"I will...I'll be back soon," He says.

"Where do you two need to go so urgently? Solon sending you somewhere?"

"No, just wanna hang with Matt for a while, show him around, that's all."

"Cool, you still know where right? We'll be there or the park across from it, k?" I

"'K," Tomo says walking off.

“Hey baby, where’re you going?” Shannon wraps his arms around Tomo’s waist from behind.

“Matt needs help finding some shops; buy some stuff for Libby or whatever.”

“Oh, right. Mind if I come with?”

“It’s gonna be boring girly shopping, you’ll have more fun with Jared. I’ll see you later, k?”

“Sure, what happened earlier?”

“Mikey and I didn’t see eye to eye on something that’s all.”

“I meant when Solon was in you bunk, you fought with Mike?” Shannon sounds surprised

“Er yeah, kinda, sorta…I pissed him off. My fault.” Tomo prays Shannon doesn’t ask how.

“Ok, you feel like going out once that’s over?”

“Um yeah, sure. I give you a call, yeah?” Tomo fidgets, starting to get antsy.

“Love you.” Shannon whispers softly, leaning around slightly kissing the side of Tomo’s face before releasing him again.

The Croatian finds Matt outside the bus as promised, pinned to it by Solon. "I told you not to Matthew." Solon says sadly, regretfully.

Matt's pushing against him. "Ok, let me go now..."

Solon suddenly kisses him softly. Matt’s arms wrap around him and he sighs softly into the kiss.

"Be a good boy, I really don't like hurting you."

Matt nods. "I need to go now. Love you."

Solon slowly strokes Matt's cheek, an almost loving smile, before suddenly backing off and leaving.

Matt just stares after him, a soft smile on his lips, before noticing Tomo and making his way over to him. "Ready?"

"Yeah, come on it's a bit of a trek if we're walking."

"I’m up for one,” Matt says bumping shoulders with the younger man.

"Hey." Tomo playfully bumps him back as they head down the street. Matt pokes him in the side. Tomo squirms, before returning the gesture. Matt comes up behind him tickles his sides causing Tomo to giggle like a little kid but suddenly gasps in pain and pulls away sharply.

"Oh, ’m sorry,” Matt says, softly stroking his side. "Sorry."

"Don't worry Matt; you didn't do any of it." Tomo shrugs, leading the way across the road

"I know, but still. I should've been more careful."

Tomo glares at him. "I'm not damaged goods; you don't need to handle me with care."

"I didn't say you were, I just meant...sorry." Matt stuffs his hands in his pockets and falls silent.

They walk in silence for some time though Tomo's blackberry keeps going off and Matt finally asks, "You gonna answer it?" Reluctantly Tomo does so. Mike, a few of the guys, and Solon.

"What's up?" Matt asks.

"The guys wanna meet up earlier; I don't want the boys to see me like this-weak. They're coming to the show, already have the passes to hang out before...I don't want Solon to show me up in front of them, which is what he'll do coz I don't want it." He opens Solon's message.

"Yeah, he can be an ass sometimes,” Matt says quietly

"You got that right." Tomo says quietly, passing the blackberry over for Matt to see the message.

"Fuck," Matt says shaking his head.

"I'm forced into it. Matt, you could step back, he's not that interested, you could easily get out of firing range."

Matt looks wounded. “I know...who in their right mind would be interested in me?” He mutters quietly before taking a hold of Tomo’s hand and starring at the ground.

Tomo relaxes to the touch but realises too late he shouldn’t have said anything but isn’t sure how to fix things when he knows he’s only said the truth.

So he just leads Matt through the familiar neighbourhood, ignoring anyone’s comments about “damn faggots” until he finds their way blocked by two guys.

“Get out of my way Jamaal.” He says loudly, these two guys used to bully him but high schools over and he’s not afraid anymore.

"Yo, look who it is...the alien. Dude, people been saying you've been kickin ass in the music world. Is that true? A freaky dork like you?" Matt rolls his eyes and squeezes Tomo's hand for reassurance.

“Just back off and leave me alone. Get outta my way.” He says quietly, shifting closer to Matt.

“What’s wrong faggot? We’re just trying to have a friendly talk. This you’re boyfriend? Always knew you were a fucking queer.” Jamaal’s idiot friend smirks.


“Freak can’t even speak English anymore.”

Matt pushes past them, pulling Tomo with him. "Ugh, I had people like that in school too. Now look at em..." He squeezes Tomo's hand again. "Lead the way," he says.

“It’s a bit further, expect more jackasses along the way- we’re gonna cut through some of the old neighbourhood and not the nice part of it considering where we’re going.” Tomo says quietly, tightening his grip on Matt’s hand.

"Alright, I'm right here," he says smiling and tightens his own grip. He knows what it's like going back to your own neighbourhood, only he did it alone. So he's glad he can walk Tomo through here, and he's glad he came.

They turn the corner and a group of women start giggling and wolf whistling. One of the barely dressed girls struts over.

“Hey baby, remember me?”

“I remember you humiliating me in front of our trig class if that’s what you mean.” Tomo retorts angrily

Matt squeezes his hand again. "Back off ‘Barbie’," he adds pulling Tomo along past the gang of girls. "Jesus, talk about ho."

“Yeah that was Leela, there was a time I actually wanted her but, then again, I did spend my teenage years completely out of my head.” Tomo laughs.

Matt smiles and shakes his head. "You're a total nut," he tells him as they continue to walk hand in hand. "Hey, if I ask you something, promise you won't get mad...or beat the shit out of me?" When Tomo just smirks Matt rolls his eyes. "Who's Donnie?"

Tomo’s smile drops away. “Where did you hear that name?” His voice is weak and shaky

"You said it in your sleep earlier, I was just wondering."

“He’s no one; forget you ever heard that name.” Tomo says quickly. He looks away and his face suddenly lights up as he sees a familiar man crossing the road. “Hey Dino, how’s life?”

“Oh I see Mister Big-shot-rock-star remember ol’ Dino’s name.” The other man teases playfully before pulling Tomo into a brief one-armed hug.

Matt smiles half heartedly, worried about whoever Donnie is. He stands off to the side letting the two men have a moment.

After a few exchanges, Tomo asks, “You’re coming tonight aren’t you?”

“Yeah, ain’t really my scene but we’re all gonna show you our support, how could we not? Where you off to now then?”

Tomo shrugs. "Me and Mattie here were just kinda walking around you know? Oh damn, I didn't even introduce you." He motions for Matt to come over.

"Matt, Dino...Dino, Matt." Matt smiles and shakes the man's hand.

"Really great of you to come out and support him like this," he says reaching for Tomo's hand, who pulls away sharply. Matt's smile falters slightly but he says nothing.

“So are you in the band? I only know what I hear from T- which is nothing by the way” He pokes Tomo in the ribs, sharply.

“Oh fuck you D, I’ve called you plenty of times but always been told, ‘I’m with a chick right now T, phone back later’” Tomo laughs, punching Dino lightly on the arm.

Matt stuffs his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I play bass," he says. But neither man is really paying attention to him so Matt moves back to his previous position, standing off to the side.

“What you doing in this neighbourhood though? You asking to get your ass kicked? If not then there’s only two reasons you ever came into this part of town.”

Tomo shrugs. "What's that supposed to mean? Why am I always the one asking for it?" he asks playfully. "I'm just showing Matt around, that's all."

“In these streets? If you ain’t looking to beat on someone you’re looking for one of two things: hos or drugs and since you just blanked one of Brit’s girls back there I’m guessing the latter.” Dino shakes his head. “We all got clean bro, why you jumping off the wagon?”

"I'm not Dino, I’m not...I'll see you at the show yeah?" He hugs his friend and moves back to Matt’s side who just smiles gently.

"Ready?" he asks the Croatian.

“Yeah, let’s go.” He suddenly really wants out of this conversation. “See you later D.” He quickly leads Matt out of sight and down a few alleyways before they reach the shadiest, seediest bars Matt’s ever seen.

"We're going in there?" Matt asks softly, from the look on the Croatian’s face he knows they are. Tomo clearly creates a decent enough distance between them before allowing Matt to follow him in.

Tomo leads him to the very back of the bar, ignoring any yells or stares they garner until they reach the back of the bar where a guy who’s barely visible in the dark sits.

“I don’t want to hear it.” Tomo says as the guy opens his mouth, he throws their cash down “Just give me what I used to get and the same for him too. He nods in Matt’s direction. “There’s enough cash there. I ain’t in the mood to play games.”

The guy arches an eyebrow. "You got it," he says before counting the money. He hands Tomo what he wants, his hand tightening over Tomo’s momentarily "Nice to see you again. Enjoy." He tugs Tomo closer, whispers something in his ear before suddenly releasing the Croatian again and Tomo turns to leave wordlessly, Matt on his heels.

When they return they find the tour buses are empty except one of the driver’s who’s fussing over something. Tomo and Matt shut the door behind them as they enter the living room area at the back of the bus.

"Ready?" Matt asks taking Tomo's hand as he notices it's shaking. "You ok?"

“Yeah sure, why wouldn’t I be?” He lays out everything he’d bought on the table. “Pick your poison.”

"Because you're shaking like a leaf," Matt says staring at him. "What's wrong?" Matt asks him, picking up the E.

Tomo ignores the question, opting for the bag of a light brown powder substance and starts preparing three lines.

"Tomo?" Matt says softly. "Please talk to me." He takes the younger mans hands in his own. "What's wrong?" He's gentle and sincere.

"You mean besides the obvious? Nothing, I just need something to help me relax." A line disappears. "How else am I meant to relax when I'm living with a guy who wants to make my life hell?" Another line disappears. "Not to mention I’m hopelessly in love with not one but two of my best friends, one of whose now my boyfriend, the other now ignoring me." The third disappears.

"Yeah, that sucks,” Matt says popping a couple of the pills. "Believe me, been there. Plus everyone here knows how fucked up I am so that doesn't help."

Tomo takes a few breathes, leaning back and closing his eyes as the drugs take effect. It's not enough. He grabs two pills and swallows them quickly, downing half of a nearby water bottle with them. Matt sits back and watches Tomo out of lowered lids.

Tomo starts to hum quietly, no tune in particular, tapping his fingers on the table. A blackberry goes off. "Who's that?" Tomo wonders, looking around bemused.

"I have no clue,” Matt says softly. "I think it was yours."

Tomo looks around wildly before locating the blackberry in his pocket. He has 1 new message.
//Where are you? You've been ages, what happened to meeting up? M//

"Fuck,” Tomo mutters. //Me and Matt are still hanging...we shouldn't be too much longer. See you in a bit. T//

"Shit, where am I gonna put this?" he motions to the large quantity of left over substances. He rubs furiously at his eyes and sniffs a few times. "Gotta meet him and his sisters-my Goddaughters- where are my sunglasses?" He looks around, confused. Giggling when he remembers he's still wearing them.

"They're on your face dumbass!" Matt laughs. "You're not gonna be able to hide it from him though," Matt says. "You know that right? And you got a little on your nose there,” he says pointing, grinning a little.

Tomo rubs at his nose. "Sure I can, I'll play with little Maddy and he'll think I'm being all giggly and silly to amuse her-easy peasy." Tomo smiles happily.

"Can you hide?" He motions to the table.

"Yeah," Matt says, starting to collect everything. "I'll take care of this." He slips them into his bag and carries it to his bunk, unloading it in his secret hiding place. He returns to the lounge. "Want me to walk with you?"

"Nah, it's only round the corner I know the way." He stands up, sways and falls back into his seat. "Maybe I do need help." He giggles

"I thought so,” Matt says helping Tomo up and getting him stable. "You ok? You’ve probably taken a bit too much, you’ve gotten too used to just smoking pot,” he asks. "C'mon." He takes Tomo's hand but the younger sways again, veering away and dangerously close to falling, so he slips his arm around Tomo’s waist.

"I think I took a little too much too,” Tomo giggles, his head falling against Matt's shoulder. "You’ll back me up if I say I had too many painkillers, right? Course you will coz your my friend and you luuuuuv me, love you Mattie." He kisses Matt's neck playfully

Matt squirms; his neck is too sensitive for that. "Course I will...too much Vicodin actually does this to you." He pulls Tomo along.

"Really? Wow, hehe I'm clever..." Tomo starts humming again as Matt leads him out.

"Which way do I go my little song bird?" Matt asks, trying to keep Tomo's face away from his neck.

"Left," Tomo says happily, "Mattie? Maaaaattiiiiiiiie? Why?" he starts kissing Matt's shoulder since he's lost access to the bassist's neck.

"Don't,” Matt says softly as steers them left.

"What?" Tomo asks innocently. "Mattie? What's wrong, didn't the pills make you happy?" he asks in a sing-song voice.

"Of course,” Matt says. Tomo's found Matt's neck again and the older man bites his lip.

"Then what's the matter? You're being no fun!" Tomo complains as he kisses up Matt's neck.

Matt lets out a soft moan biting his lip again. "C'mon Tomo, don't." He gently strokes a random spot on the other man’s back, hoping it'll calm him down.

It has the exact opposite effect, Tomo moans happily. "What's wrong? I'm just being friendly, love you Mattie." He stops kissing Matt to nuzzle into his neck. Matt's having difficulty getting them to make any sort of distance from the bus.

"Love you too Tom'...but please." Matt flushes when he feels himself start to harden from Tomo's kisses.

"Please what?" Tomo giggles as they stumble along.

"Please stop...at least so I can get us there in one piece." His thumb is working in gentle circles on Tomo's lower back.

"Why wouldn't we be in one piece?" Tomo asks

Matt just pulls the younger man along. "Which way now?" Matt asks, his thumb still absentmindedly working.

"Right…No left...." Tomo pauses, looking confused.

"Tomo!" Matt exclaims. "I don't know this place from Adam...c'mon think." He stops rubbing Tomo's back, hoping that'll help.

"That way." Tomo points straight ahead. "Am certain." Matt sends him a glance but follows his lead anyway. He rolls his eyes when Tomo returns to his neck. Tomo starts happily humming as he kisses the nape of Matt's neck. He's swaying happily as the park comes into view.

"Tomo,” Matt almost moans. "C'mon, I see Mike."

Tomo instantly pulls away, his face lighting up. "Mike! Where?"

Matt's expression darkens slightly, he can’t help it. Shannon’s one of his closest friend’s after all.

"Give me a minute and you'll be with him."

"What? What's wrong?" Tomo asks obliviously.

"Nothing, I'm taking you over there,” Matt says pulling Tomo. "Tomo, c'mon...walk a little will you?" Tomo eyes fall onto Kayla and Maddy. Suddenly he breaks free of Matt and bounds of to the two young girls, hugging Kayla first, picking her up and spinning her around.

"Uncle T, you nut!" She laughs as he kisses her playfully, with little Maddy jumping around them.

Matt follows behind; he just smiles and stands there.

"Uhm, I think I’ll head back to the bus, see you guys later,” he announces after a few minutes.

"Wait a minute," Mike calls after him. "What's wrong with him? What have you two been doing?" Mike asks, eyes narrowing

"Nothing,” Matt says. "He was just being a lazy ass and making me drag him over here."

"You know what I mean Matt, have you two been to a dealer?"

"No,” Matt replies. "I'll see you guys later."

Mike doesn't let him go that easily. "How the hell do you explain his behaviour then? He couldn’t even walk last night and now he’s jumping around." His voice is hushed the entire time, not wanting the girls to hear him.

"I gave him some Vicodin ok? I think he took too much so he's a little loopy is all."

Mike nods. "Ok cool, sorry but I'm sure you understand." As Matt starts to walk away he calls after him, "Oh and Matt? You might wanna sort that out." he motions to Matt's crotch.

He looks downs and blushes furiously. "Yeah, thanks," he says, fully embarrassed, and rushes back to the bus.

Mike shakes his head, deciding its best not to ask. Tomo meanwhile is playing some strange game with Maddy as Kayla stands and watches in giggles. Tomo smiles up at Mike and continues playing with the girls. He hasn't even noticed Matt's gone.

"How's my little angel been eh?" He asks Maddy as he tickles her, plonking himself down on the grass so he's almost the same height as the little girl

She giggles. "Good but I missed you uncle Tomo," she says twisting from side to side.

"How bout you Kays?" He looks up at the teenager, one of his hands coming up to lightly trace the echelon wristband she's wearing

"I've been great. Though Mike here's been a terror since you left. He keeps a picture of you under his pillow-" Mike’s hand closes over her mouth

"Awww, baby!" Tomo giggles at him before looking back at Kayla. "So I hear you like Jared." She’s suddenly blushing furiously.

"NO! Mike! What have you been telling him?" She demands looking up at her older brother.

Mike shrugs.

"He gets so upset when you don't call for a while, or you call and he misses you,” she says, rambling as payback to her sibling.

"Really, aw Mikey didn't know you cared so much." Tomo lies back with Maddy sitting on his stomach, the little girl chatters away about nonsense to Tomo as Mike rolls his eyes and plops down next to him.

"So, what else have you been up to?" He’s looking at Mike but speaking to Kayla who's sat down next to him, playfully poking at Maddy's ribs causing the child to squawk and squirm.

"Nothing much, just school mostly,” She says. "We really miss you around here."

"Been missing you too honey, but I'm here for a few days so I'll make up for my absence," he promises, shifting so his head sits in Mike's lap as Maddy starts bouncing on his stomach singing to herself.

Mike gently strokes Tomo's hair, running his fingers through it.

"Yay,” the teen smiles. "I'm sure Mike’s happy to, even if he’s not showing it right now. He misses you so bad. Sometimes, when he thinks we're sleep, he watches home movies of you guys."

"What home movies would that be?" Tomo giggles. "Have you been taping me in my sleep again?" he teases Mike making Kayla laugh, Mike swats his head lightly.

"You muppet." he laughs fondly

Tomo giggles. "Well, what're they of? I'm interested."

"YOU! Uncle Tomo! Silly Tomo!" giggles Maddy

Tomo laughs and pokes her. "So Mikey, I mean what am I doing?"

"Just stupid shit you know Kenyan used to piss around with his old man's video camera when we hung out, remember? Sometimes Dino too… Then there's a few of you in various bands." Mike's blushing furiously as he mumbles the response, glaring at his kid sister all the while.

"Oh, cool," Tomo says, creeping closer. "Anything else interesting?"

"What do you mean by that? It's just a few crappy quality videos."

"Just wondering," Tomo says softly. He's starting to feel tired as he's coming down.

Kayla giggles "He's got one of you in-" the rest of her sentence is muffled my Mike's hand.

"Finish that sentence and I don't take you to the concert, got it?" Kayla nods obediently.

"What? Mikey, that's not fair! Pwease Mikey?" Tomo asks, poking out his lip.

Maddy giggles and pokes her lip out too as Mike shakes his head. "It doesn't matter anyway."

Tomo smiles at her. "Please? Why can't I know? It's about me!"

"Don't worry baby, it's not interesting." Mike assures him, looking across the park

Tomo sighs, feeling his high wearing off to soon. "Will you tell me later? Coz now I know it's interesting."

"Just leave me alone!" Mike laughs before adding, "Didn't Jared say something about being back at the bus for lunch? An afternoon rehearsal or something?"

Tomo gets up setting Maddy down. "Yeah, I better get going."

"You goot go?” Maddy's bottom lip shakes as her eyes fill with tears.

"You'll break my heart you will." Tomo tells her. "I don't see anything wrong with you coming with me, Kayla that ok?"

"Hell yeah!" She jumps up, lifting the little girl into her arms.

"Cool,” Tomo says and leads the way back to the bus. Mike tries to take his hand but Tomo's folds his arms over his chest. He leads them onto the bus, scooping Maddy into his arms as he moves. They sit down and continue their conversation, ignoring the chaos around them as the roadies shifted gear into the arena.

"Isn't that part of your job?" Tomo points out to Mike, the bigger man stares at him for a minute.

Tomo just shrugs and smiles when Matt comes out from the back. "Hey,” he says.

"Hey Tomo, hey Mike...and who's this cutie?" Maddy's pulling on his sleeve.

"This is my God-daughter Maddy," Tomo explains. "and the suddenly shy girl here is Kayla."

Matt smiles at them. "Hey cutie,” he says poking Maddy belly. "Hi Kayla," he says smiling at her.

Kayla mumbles, "Hi,"

"Want my seat? I'm meant to be working." Mike stands as he offers his now vacant seat to Matt who sits down innocently close to the girls, causing Kayla to go, if possible, even more embarrassed.

"Don't work too hard,” Matt says looking slightly worried at the tension between the two friends as Jared emerges and smiles, heading in their direction.

"Hey Tomo, Matt…and who're these two gorgeous girls?"

Kayla stutters as she takes in Jared's appearance, he's just come from the shower, is dripping wet and only wearing a towel.

"I'm Maddy," the little girl announces boldly as she clambers onto Tomo's lap, pulling at dog tags he's still wearing.

"Don't pull too hard, sweetie,” Tomo tells her. "These’re very special."

Jared smiles at the little girl. "Hello Maddy, and you're?" He eyes Kayla with mild interest
"K-Kayla," She mumbles quietly.

"Hey Kayla." He nods at Tomo. "Make sure they get something from the merch table on me, alright?"

"T-thanks." Kayla mumbles.

"Aww, you're so sweet Kayla," Matt tells her, slipping an arm around her and giving her a hug, a daft grin in place. "Isn't she adorable Jay." apparently his pills are suddenly kicking in...'Or has he been helping himself to our supplies?' Tomo wonders to himself

Jared focuses his stare on Matt looking him over, his eyebrow goes up.

"Yeah, adorable." He looks at Tomo for a second. "I'm going to get dressed. Where's Mike?"

"Working." Maddy tells him, now tugging at Jared's towel. Tomo pulls her hand away "That's really not a good idea Mads,"

Jared smiles and backs away. "He's supposed to be WATCHING you,” Jared says more to himself. "Alright, well I’ll be back." With that he retreats to the bunks.

"Where's Shan?" Tomo calls after him.

"He's coming in a sec, brushing his yuck mouth,” Jared calls after him.

"You've got a very mature way of talking, have I ever told you that Jay?" Matt laughs.

"Yucky, yucky." Maddy starts chanting, giggling away and tugging on the dog tags again.

Matt leans over and pulls her hands away gently, giving her his pair.

"Here ya go,” he says patting her on the head. Shannon comes out from the back and sits next to Tomo, kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey, miss me?"

"Yeah, what you been up to baby?" he asks, ignoring Kayla's surprised expression.

"Missing you,” Shannon smiles, kissing him lightly. "And who're these beautiful ladies? I think you're cheating on me."

Matt smirks at Kayla. "You've been hit on by both Letos in the last five minutes, lucky girl," Which once again renders the poor teenager wordless and causes Matt to start laughing again. Tomo introduces them to Shannon, who instantly scoops Maddy into his arms.

"Hey sweetie," he says tickling her, causing her to squirm and giggle. “She’s so cute!" Shannon exclaims. "And you're quiet,” he says to Kayla, frowning slightly.

"I...Um...I mean…"

"What's she's trying to say is she's got crushes on all three of you and has gone very shy," Tomo fills in helpfully as Kayla looks horrified.

"Aw, isn't that sweet,” Shannon says winking at her. "Well, make sure I buy her something from the merch table K?"

"Jared's already offered that," Matt informs him with a snicker. "You gotta do something better than that to win her heart off of little brother."

Shannon looks Matt over for a minute then shakes his head. "Yeah, probably. Well how about I treat you two lovely ladies, and this gorgeous man of mine to lunch?"

"When do we leave then, I'm starving!" Matt grins, getting up.

"I bet you are,” Shannon mumbles. "Jared wants to talk to you, so you have to stay. But I’ll bring you back something."

"Find, but you said gorgeous so I naturally assumed you meant me." Matt pouts, making Kayla laugh as Maddy reaches out and pokes Matt's bottom lip.

Shannon narrows his eyes at him. "Oh yeah, and ahem, SB's looking for you too." He sees Tomo go paler, and takes his hand. "So, where do you two beautiful ladies and this very sexy gentleman want to go for lunch?"

Kayla watches as Matt rushes off, and then very shyly tells Shannon, "Don't mind."

"Ok, well Tomo, where shall we go?"

Tomo shrugs. "The closest place is a McDonalds but I wouldn't exactly call that food. Could go into town and see what places are there?"

"Sure baby, whatever you want." Shannon takes his hand and four head out for lunch.

"It's scary how quiet you are honey, it’s just not you," Tomo tells Kayla as they walk across the parking lot, surrounded by the chaos of the tour, a little behind Shannon who’s bouncing the toddler in his arms. "Why can't you follow Mads' lead?" he continues, nodding towards the little girl who's chattering away and constantly kissing Shannon's cheek happily.

She shrugs. "I don't know, just nervous I guess. Plus, I know you and Mike are fighting."

"What? No we're not," Tomo fidgets nervously. "And why nervous? The boys aren’t going to eat you alive...unless you like that sort of thing at which point I'll remind you that you're 18 and therefore too young for them, well, Jared may not think so but still that doesn’t mean- I'm rambling aren't I?"

"Yeah." Kayla nods with a smile.

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Blondie: matthew_echelon_ on April 16th, 2007 08:15 am (UTC)
I was searching for this page for a looong time, i couldn't remember the name *blonde* I just have a stupid question, what's the code for the community? I need it but i fuckin' can't write the good one ^^' i'm a stupid blonde ^____^

Mhm for this chapter now... I was kinda "disappointed" with the drug scene, i thought about a big high scene with needle and everything... XD It was what i imagined, i dunno why... ^^ I know it's difficult to write it, i have one which waits for me to write btw...

Honestly it's not my favourite chapter, i not exactly understood who was kayla and maddy, i though a thing then another but maybe it's me because i don't understand some details or things, i dunno XD... I miss "action", sex scene or angst... Sorry girls, it's not a very good review... -_-'' but i'm still the biggest fan huh ;)
Jezebelle  ₪ ø Ξ .o·: MattJaredblu_eyed_demon on April 16th, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)

Um, I'm not sure what you mean about a code...

Yeah, we settled on snorting and pills because needles seemed too drastic, so Tomo and Matt are snorting the heroin instead. I can understand what you mean, this is a chapter leading up to sex and angst, violent sex if I remeember rightly and we'll post it very soon.
You got a drug story to write? *is interested*

we mentioned several times the girls Maddy and Kayla are Tomo's God daughters and Mike's siblings.
Blondie: matthew_echelon_ on April 16th, 2007 03:37 pm (UTC)
I mean when I answer to this comment, on top there's "Jezebelle ₪ ø Ξ .o· (blu_eyed_demon) wrote in unfaithful_love " and by code i meant to have the litle drawing unfaithful_love, ya see? *confused*
You use it when you write "X-posted on the community"... *more confused* XD

I dunno why but i was sure it'd be a big angsty scene when i read the previous chapter, dunno why... maybe my "drama queen side" lmao

*Does her cheerleader* wanna moooore asap ^____^

Mhm yeah, i didn't send it? I think so but there isn't the drug scene yet, i didn't want to do a shitty thing and so i waited... But i'm writing a couple now but as always i block after 200 words... *roll*

Yep, you're right i remember now... *blonde* but what means "God daughter"? Got an idea but i'm not sure and there isn't on the dic...
Jezebelle  ₪ ø Ξ .o·: Eddie Izzardblu_eyed_demon on April 16th, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
I asked Mari, she said it's the same as when you put a link to a user name, for example: 30stm_slash

I see what you mean, sorry we disappointed.

lol, hopefully in the next few days :D

You sent the start, I think so but it was very short.

God-daughter, it's a christian thing. When a babies baptised God parents are named and they will look after the child if something happens to the parents.
Blondie: porn_echelon_ on April 16th, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
Fuck i'm really blonde sometimes... *roll* thanx's ;)

No problems...


It's STILL very short ^^' I'm pretty crappy for writing someone feelings but i really wanna write this so it's kinda battle in my brain lol... I have 2 new i started these days, really short obviously...

Yep i see now, thanx's... It wasn't clear in my head, it's probably for that i was confused about who was who lol
Jezebelle  ₪ ø Ξ .o·: Jared yelling at a cakeblu_eyed_demon on April 21st, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
new chapter posted as promised :)
Blondie_echelon_ on April 24th, 2007 08:16 am (UTC)
Cool! I'm going to see it... I haven't the time now so I'm gonna print and i'll comment later... ;) Thanx's