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21 April 2007 @ 03:01 am
Faithless Ch. 10  
Title: Faithless Chapter 10
Author: blu_eyed_demon & agape_eternal
Fandom: 30 Seconds To Mars
Archiving: unfaithful_love
Pairing: Tomo/OMC, Tomo/Shannon, Matt/Solon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, mentions of drug use,
Disclaimers: We do not know these people, anything about their personalities and do not seek to make any profit from this work. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect the behavior/actions of any of these people in real life.
Summary: Mike's got a secret...
Author Notes: We don't own 'em, just like to play with 'em. Part of a series entitled, “Faithless”
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“Would you quite lying, I’m not a child I know when something’s wrong.” Kayla reminded him

"I’m not, now leave it." Tomo told her sternly, to let the teenager know the matter was closed before changing subject. "So, what video doesn't Mike want me to know about?"

"What? Oh that, maybe I shouldn't say..."

"I won't tell him...promise."

She giggles. "It's some video of you..." She trails off. "It's just a video of you when you got roped into being in a school play, remember it?"

"Um no,” Tomo says nervously trying to think

"Mike was in it and the girl who'd meant to be opposite him had gotten flu or something and you'd been helping you learn lines and knew the part so...” She doesn't finish because Tomo's already laughing embarrassedly, at this point Shannon joins the conversation.

"What's so funny?" Shannon asks, twirling Maddy around.

"You're boyfriend was a teenage cross-dresser," Kayla gleefully informs him

"What’s that? Baby?" Shannon looks at him expectantly.

"I was made to do a play, Mike's co-star had gotten ill and I'd pissed off the drama teacher somehow so that was her form of creative punishment."

"What play was it?" Shannon asks, intrigued.

"Don't remember." Tomo says honestly

"I do! Haha, Mike's still got the video. It was-"

"Kayla Simmons, I swear if you saying anything…" Tomo leaves the threat hanging but Shannon has better incentive.

"Tell me and I'll make if worth your while," He promises; she smiles.

"The Iliad- he was Helen of Troy!!" Kayla splutters out between laughs, Shannon starts to crack up and Maddy joins in the laughter for the sake of it. Tomo's cheeks flush red.

"I hate you," he tells Kayla

"Aww, don't be too mad Uncle Tomo, c'mon!" She's laughing so hard they have to stop walking. Tomo rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

Shannon's not much better, he's laughing so hard that he’s almost doubled over. When he sees Tomo's glare he smiles and says, "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss." He's making a kissy faces when Tomo pushes him away, the girls are cackling which doesn't improve Tomo's mood any.

Since they're still close to the commotion, Mike comes over after hearing all the laughter. "What's so funny?" he asks looking at Tomo who’s glowering, cheeks burning red.

"Hello Paris," Shannon manages to spit out through his laughter

"What the hell are you talking about?" Mike asks staring at the laughing group, minus Tomo of course.

"A little school play you two were apparently in- The Illiad," Shannon giggles as Mike pales.

"KAYLA!" he growls. "Didn't I tell you--?" He storms off, not amused in the least.

"So how are you going to make pissing my big brother off worth my while?" Kayla reminds Shannon of their bargain as they carry on out of the parking lot and into the street, Tomo stomping behind them.

"Whatever you want me to do...well almost anything,” he says staring after Mike. Tomo's looks after him too.

"I'll be right back,” he tells them, and heads over to Mike.

"Mike? Are you ok?" Tomo asks, worried for his friend. "You know Kayla didn't mean anything by it."

"Yeah I’m fine,” he grumps. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work."

"No you're not, tell me what's up."

"Really. It's not a big deal. Go keep your boyfriend company."

"Mikey tell me what's wrong, I'm not keeping anything from you so it's not fair you're keeping secrets."

Mike takes Tomo's glasses off his face. "I just didn't want you to know about that one ok?"

"What? About the video of it? I'm not gonna say I'm happy my little crossdressing episode is immortalized for all eternity, but I'm not gonna make an issue about it so why should you?" Tomo snatches at his sunglasses

Mike holds them above his head. "Because that was something that was private, for me."

"Er...how? The whole school saw it. Look Mike, I don't know why you kept it and it's probably not even wise to attempt to open that can of worms with you in such a fucked up mood but just chill ok, they were just fucking around." Tomo cross his arms, pouting. "Can I have my damn sunglasses back?"

"Just because," Mike says tossing the glasses at him. "See you later." Tomo returns to the others bemused by Mike’s actions but happy to see Kayla's relaxed a little around Shannon.

"Wanna come to Uncle Tomo, Mads?" Tomo asks the little girls shakes her head before burying her face in Shannon's neck and clinging tightly to Shannon.

"Damn, you've turned her against me. What'd you do, bribe her?"

"She just knows who's the coolest, right Mads?" Shannon smirks as they continue their walk.

"Whatever,” Tomo mumbles and brings up the rear.

"Uncle Tomo gots the grumpys." Maddy points out looking sadly at him

He smiles at her. "Yes because Mikey's being mean to uncle Tomo,” he says tweaking her nose.

Her little face creases into a frown "Why? Mikey loves Uncle Tomo!"

Tomo smiles sadly. "Course he does but he’s grumpy right now. C'mon, lets find somewhere, I’m getting hungry."

Shannon seems to be delighting in flirting outrageously with Kayla as they enter a small cafe; she's giggling and blushing constantly, Tomo rolls his eyes and swats her head with a menu.

She shrugs at him. He shakes his head and looks over the menu for something appetizing.

"So, you guys gonna tell me how long you've been dating?" Kayla asks as she tries to persuade Maddy that a highchair is better than Shannon's lap.

"Uhm, about two days,” Tomo says truthfully.

Kayla smirks. "Well it's been a longtime coming." They look at her. "You think you too haven't been blatantly obvious?" She laughs. “Maddy, sweetie I don't think Shannon wants you on his lap when he's trying to eat."

"Yuh-huh," she says smiling, Shannon just hugs her.

"How bad?" Tomo asks, looking somewhat concerned.

"How bad what?" She looks blank at him.

"How bad were we obvious?"

"Oh, most people joke about there being something but it's mostly accepted you're just close friends, overly close friends. Then again some think, well, ever heard of slash?" The two men look blank. "Don't worry then," she assures them, turning to Maddy and helping her order.

"Oh, that bad,” Tomo says looking back at the menu. "Did Mike ever say anything?"

"About you and Shannon? He had no clue! You now Mike's oblivious to anything to do with love. I mean look at you two” She bites her lip looking horrified at her own words “Sorry, I shouldn’t have...”

"Yeah, tell me about it,” He mumbles to himself before turning to her. “Oh ok, just checking,” he says smiling at her. "Ready to order? I'm getting the roast turkey sandwich."

"I'll have the same." Kayla relaxes again until Shannon decides embarrassing Kayla' is good entertainment and leans in excessively close, arm sliding over the back of her chair, to ask

"What does that mean? Look at you two'?"

"Just that Mike's always been oblivious that he and Tomo coulda got it together." She shrugs, blushing at his closeness. "But I think you two are way cuter together anyways."

"She means she prefers the other Leto so it doesn't matter to her that we’re together," Tomo laughs

Shannon pouts. "It's always about Jared! Jared Jared Jared!" He laughs at himself. Tomo chuckles lightly but his blackberry going off cuts it short.

Kayla's burying her face in her hands as Maddy takes up the chant, "Jared! Jared! Jared!"

"Not true, leave me alone!" She tells them, still hiding her face

"Is too!" Shannon teases as Tomo look over his new message.

"You're just as hot as you're brother, ok?" Kayla mumbles, cringing.

Maddy giggles. "Kay-Kay likes both of you!"

"Yeah, thanks for that Mads." Kayla mutters. "Who's texting you Tomo?"

Shannon laughs and smiles. "Why thank you darlin'! whoo, kay-kay like both of us."

"Your brother,” Tomo tells Kayla without looking up.

//so why're you so pissed, because Kay spilled it?//

Kayla buries her face in her arms to hide her face as Shannon continues his playful digs at her. Tomo smirks at their behaviour but it fades at the reply .

//it's private//

//Why? Mikey, we did that in front of the school. why's it suddenly so special?//

//dont worry//

He looks up and thanks the waitress as she places the food on the table.

"Shannon! Stop it!" Kayla begs, giggling as he starts to lay it on really thick with her.

"What do you say? You, me and Jared, a room with a view and a hot tub?" he winks at her.

//Yeah, I am...I want to know. Please don't keep things from me.//

Tomo rolls his eyes and digs in to his sandwich. "Throw in Mattie and she's in heaven." he points out.

//Forget it Tomo, it's stupid//

//I don't care...baby, pwease?//

"Oh Lord, just kill me now," she begs as Shannon smirks.

"Perhaps the hot tub thing really can be arranged then! Mattie's presence makes all the difference, it’s the deciding factor, besides he seems like he’d be fun…"

Kayla clearly doesn't know how to respond to that, she buries her face in her arms again.

//Fine, don't answer it then.// Tomo shuts off his blackberry and puts it back on his hip.

It's then that Maddy pipes up again, managing to sound completely innocent while incriminating her big sister, as small children often do.

"She's got lots of posters of you guys all over her bedroom walls and she sometimes-" Kayla cuts her with a look.

Tomo shakes his head. "That's enough Mads...eat up. We're gonna have to get back soon for sound check,"

"A what?" she asks, still ignoring her food in favour of Shannon. "Why do you need to check the sounds?"

"That's just what we have to do baby girl, make sure they sound good,” The drummer tells her before starting to feed her.

"That's just too adorable," Kayla says in reference to Shannon doting on her baby sister.

"I think you've got both the Simmons' girls eating out of the palm of your hand, Shan-one of tem literally," Tomo points out. Kayla's mobile suddenly rings; she cringes as they realize her tone is "Attack". After quickly answering, she passes it to Tomo. "It's for you."

Tomo rolls his eyes and takes the phone from her. "Yeah?"

"Why didn't you reply? Do you hate me now or something?" It's Mike

"I turned my blackberry off. What did you say?"

"I...I...please don't make me say it again Tomo, just turn on your fucking blackberry."

"Ok," Tomo says as he turns the blackberry back on, phone pressed between his ear and shoulder.

//I didn't like it because...everybody took the piss of you that day but I...I thought you were beautiful. That really screwed with my head//

“What's so wrong with that Mikey? I never gave a shi- damn about what people said, all I cared about was what you thought.”

"You're missing the point Tomo." Mike says quietly.

"What am I missing?" Tomo asks softly. He excuses himself and goes outside.

"There was my best friend, dressed as an amazingly beautiful girl but still a guy and there was me feeling...feeling...feeling something that confused me. Still does I guess."

"Why's it so confusing? I don't understand why...if you love me."

"I do but not like...I wanted to...I dreamt...I'm not...Look this is too much for me right now Tomo, so much is going on...can't we just leave this til a later date?"

Tomo sighs heavily. "'Course. Talk to you later."

"...Thanks. Bye."

"Bye." Tomo goes back inside and sits down handing Kayla her phone. "Thanks Kay. You guys all done?"

"Just about." Shannon laughs as Maddy decides to feed him the last chicken nugget. "No thank you honey."

Kayla shakes her head. "What did grumpy want?

"Nothing, just talking,” Tomo says as he rereads the message on his blackberry.

"Maddy, honey, Shannon really doesn't want to eat that." Kayla tries to reason with the child, shaking her head. "I'm so sorry."

"That's ok,” he says taking a bite. "Now you eat the rest,” he tells her.

Maddy obediently does so. "Uncle Tomo, why are you sad?" She asks once she's swallowed.

"I'm fine honey, don't you worry." He smiles at his god-daughter before adding to Shannon, "Let's just pay the bill and get outta here." Shannon nods, looking him over suspiciously. Kayla too looks worried but says nothing as she gets out of her seat, just follows Tomo and Shannon out after Shannon's thrown down several notes. Tomo shoves his hands in his pockets and walks back to the bus in silence.

"Tomo? You and Mike have a fight or something?" Kayla asks tentatively

"No, we didn't fight hon. Just talking."

"What's going on?" She asks sadly.

"That's what I wanna know." chimes in Shannon.

"It's nothing guys, we're just going back and fourth on some stuff. Really, it's nothing."


Back at the bus, Jared and Matt are in a heated argument.

"What the hell are you trying to get at Jared?"

"You think I can't tell when you're high you fucking idiot?"

"I needed a little pick me up J, it's just Vicodin."

"No it's not, Shannon finished that up before he took Tomo and the girls out, and you’ve been getting higher and higher ever since."

"I have some of my own,” Matt says quickly, shrugging.

"Don't play me for a fool Matthew."

"I'm not,” Matt says sitting down. "I just needed a little pick me up. Don't worry, it won't happen again."

"It better not, and what do you fucking want?” he asks the person now behind Matt.

"Just a little privacy with Matthew," Solon says.

"I promise J,” Matt says softly. He turns and stares at Sol as he sits back and sighs.

"Mattie, come here." Solon asks.

"Why?" Matt asks walking over to him.

A box is pressed into his hands. His favourite chocolates.

“Sol, baby, you didn’t have to.”

“But I wanted to. I haven’t done enough for you lately.”

“Thank you.” Matt’s genuinely touched until…

"On your knees." Solon orders very suddenly

"I'm really not in the mood,” Matt says matter of factly, smile fading.

"Well I am, come on baby," Solon replies pointedly, trying to push him down.

"I don't want to,” Matt says trying to get past him.

"Do as I say," Solon hisses dangerous.

Matt shoots him a sideways glance. "Can't it wait til later?"

"If I wait til later those kids will be back and I'm not looking for anything that's suitable for a PG rating.."

Matt groans and drops on his knees. "Ok, what do you want?" He looks bored.

"What the fuck is your problem Mattie? You were so happy and willing this morning.”

Matt shrugs. "What do you want?"

Solon shakes his head, "Maybe I was wrong about you." he turns on his heels and leaves

Matt gets up shakily, heading for his bunk and that hidden bag. "Fuck,” he mutters to himself.


Solon, meanwhile, is bumping into Shannon, Tomo and the girls on their way to the bus.

Tomo's pointedly not paying him attention and just walks around Sol, trying to find Mike.

Solon shrugs and heads over to Shannon.

"Hello there," he says to Maddy, who hides her face in Shannon's chest.

"Leave her alone Sol."

Kayla is half hiding behind Shannon as well, but only because the drummer’s pushed her there.

Tomo comes back almost immediately. “Anyone seen Mikey?"

"He’s in the back crying," Solon smirks.


"Geez, lighten up it was a joke." He then turns back to Maddy. "Oh come on sweetheart, why won't you talk to me?"

Maddy starts to cry loudly, hiding her face in Shannon's neck.

"Sol, back off,” Tomo tells him. "It's ok baby. Go watch a movie with Uncle Shannon ok?" He looks up at Shan. "I think we have some Disney stuff back there. I'll be back there soon. You go too Kay."


"Go Kayla," Tomo tells her firmly. She for once doesn't argue but simply follows Shannon as told.

"They’re cute kids," Solon tells him.

"Yeah, they are,” Tomo says as Matt comes out and passes the two.

"You're looking for Mike, right? He's in the venue. I'm about to go in, wanna follow?"

"Yeah thanks Matt." Tomo smiles, and then turns to Solon who's started following too. "You weren't invited," he says pointedly to the other man.

"Yeah, you weren't,” Matt says, absentmindedly taking Tomo's hand.

"But I'm still coming," Solon tells them, glaring angrily at the locked hands. Matt just shrugs as he and Tomo walk hand in hand to the venue.

"I know what you two did," Solon tells them as he follows.

Matt keeps his back to him, but Tomo feels his hand getting steadily tighter.

"Jared and Mike will be just heartbroken to hear you lied to them, won't they?" Solon asks happily.

"What do you want?" Matt asks turning towards him.

"What do you think?"

"Go on, get inside,” he tells Tomo. "Ok Sol, you have me. What do you want?"

"What's gotten into you?" he demands, looking fascinated at Matt. "Have you actually grown a spine? This is kinda funny…"

Matt turns around and walks off, leaving Sol standing there, as he catches up with Tomo.

Solon storms after him. "Don't fucking walk away from me."

Matt rolls his eyes and turns again. "Fine Sol, where do you wanna go to do this?"

Solon slaps him hard across the cheek. "Don't use that tone with me."

Matt blinks a few times. "Sol, either tell me what you want or let me go get ready for sound check."

Solon looks at him, he's doesn't like not having power. "I thought you loved me this morning." Solon points out

"Sol, baby, I’ll always love you. But I’m sick of it being one sided and frankly this,” he gestures between them. "Isn't love. It's a power play. So either tell me what you want or let me do my job."

Solon tilts his head. "But I do love you Mattie."

"You loved me being your slave...I was easy. Like I said, either tell me or excuse me."

"You're not my slave Matt, stop this. Who have you been talking to? Who’s been filling your head with shit? That whore? This morning you were desperate for it." Solon's frowning, he's confused, only a few hours ago Matt was so willing it was boring, but now...unless, was this Matt's plan: pretend to not care to get the attention the other two get

Matt's tapping his foot. "You're right I wasn’t your slave, I was your fucking dog. The loyal idiot who came when you called."

"You are not my dog," Solon tells him firmly as he grabs his hand and pulls him into a backstage room that actually has no real function and locks the door behind them. Matt drops on his knees, knowing what Sol wants.

But it's not what Sol wants; he pulls Matt back up and pulls him over to the table, bending him over it so his nose touches the wood.

"Sol? Baby, what're you doing?" Matt asks. He has to admit, even if only to himself, he's scared.

"What you obviously want what the others got. You’re jealous right? They got something you didn’t so you’re being difficult with me." Solon says as he pull Matt's shirt up and his pants and boxers down, exposing the bassist’s behind. Matt goes to move so Solon slams his hand down on the desk "Don't move." he growls, voice suddenly harsh.

"Sol please...I thought you said you didn't want to hurt me?"

"I really don't, you clearly want it though. Why else would you be doing this, to get the attention right?" Solon says as he removes his belt, it's not as thick or heavy as the ones he used on Tomo so he knows he won't break the skin with Matt.

"Sol, please." Matt's resolve breaks when he hears the belt. "I'll do whatever you want please."

"You’ve been practically gagging for this all day." Solon says "How can I deny the man I love what he wants?” Apparently his “I love Shannon” kick is over. It was a shorter period than last time, Matt mentally notes to himself.

"Please Sol, don't. Please baby, don't do this," Matt whimpers.

Solon cracks the belt down on his once.

"How am I meant to understand you if you keep sending me mixed messages? Hurt me, don't hurt me...which am I meant to believe? You get off on pain; I've seen it countless times so I think I know which plea to listen to." He brings the belt down again

"Stop it,” Matt half screams, voice near tears. "Fucking stop."

"I don't understand you anymore Matthew."

Solon brings it down only once more before throwing the belt away and falling to his knees, he's crying and he places kisses on the red marks he's just inflicted. Matt doesn't say anything. He stays still where he's at.

"What do you want Baby?" Solon asks softly. "You always ask what I want but what about you?" Matt doesn't respond.

"Tell me Matthew." Solon asks softly as he continues to press kisses onto the abused marks. Matt just lays there.

"Talk to me Mattie." he voice is getting desperate; he doesn't understand what is going on. Matt doesn't move, he just lays there.

"Matt?" Solon's getting panicky now. "Matt? Say something, please baby, say something to me."

Only Matt can’t hear him, he's deep in his own memories, flashbacks playing before his eyes. The only sound he makes is a choked sob. He lays there, steadily crying.

"Mattie, baby, what's wrong?" Solon asks, pulling Matt off of the desk and into his arms. Matt just shakes his head and lays limply in Sol's arms.

"Baby please, you've wanted that, it's been obvious so why are you being like this now? Tell me what's wrong?!" Solon's on the verge of tears himself, distressed by Matt’s behaviour.

"I don't want that...I just want you to love me,” he says softly. "Instead you reminded me of something I’d rather not talk about."

Solon shakes his head. "But you've been forcing me to hurt you all day, I thought it's what you wanted...and I do love you Mattie." He rocks Matt back and forth gently as he speaks

"You've wanted Shannon since you joined the band. I just don't understand why I was never enough for you. I gave you everything."

"Can't a man love two people? The bitch loves Shannon and Mike that much is obvious, and I love you and Shannon," Solon tells Matt this quietly.

"Tomo's not a bitch. Why do you hate him so much?"

"He's got everything I'm supposed to have," Solon says simply.

"Sol, you’ve messed up. He didn't do that baby,” he says softly.

"He did," Solon snarls. "Mattie, I know he's your friend and I'm sorry but I can't let him get away with it."

"Sol, please. He didn't do anything. Please."

"I’m sorry Mattie, you're can't change my opinion of him." Solon kisses Matt softly.

Matt sighs heavily. "Fine." He doesn't say anything else, just lets it drop.

Solon kisses Matt again, this timer harder causing Matt to moan loudly into his mouth.

"Mmm, Sol,” Matt sighs, grinding his hips with the other mans.

Sol grinds backs, smiling when Matt lets out a moan again. This is all he wanted, to have Matt moaning and wanting him.
He bites hard on Matt's neck, hard enough to draw blood, knowing how much the bassist likes it. Matt throws his head back, crying out. He lets his hands roam over Sol's back, moaning softly. Solon sucks on Matt's neck, creating a dark mark as his hand snakes down to Matt's growing erection.

Matt's moaning his name as he thrusts into his hand. "Please baby, more,” Matt whispers.

Solon pushes Matt to the ground undoing his own pants and pulling them down only very slightly, the bassist wraps his legs around Solon's waist moaning loudly as Solon pushes straight into him.

Matt grips Solon's arms tightly, breathing ragged. He's moaning the other man’s name and pushing back against him, begging for more.

Solon angles his hips so he completely misses Matt's prostate, knowing as always how much the bigger man gets turned on by that. He's rewarded with a moan of his name turning into a small scream.

"Ah god...more Sol." He grips Solon's hips, pulling him deeper. Solon bites down hard on a nipple as he continues fucking Matt roughly.

Matt cries out. "Kiss me,” he whispers. Solon trails biting kisses up Matt's chest slowly and torturously before he reaches Matt's lips, kissing them softly. Matt moans needily. He's getting close. Solon thrusts even harder into Matt, never once going near his prostate-that never did much for Matt anyway.

Matt screams Solon's name as he comes hard between them, clinging tightly to the other man. "I love you,” he whispers, voice hoarse.

Solon rides him hard for a few more thrusts before coming. "Yeah sure, whatever, love you too babe." he whispers almost dismissively as he pulls out.

"Wait, can't you just stay for a while?" Matt asks softly.

Solon looks at him, shaking his head. "Listen to the outside, Mattie”

Jared’s yelling for Matt, obviously in a panic because the bassist hadn't turned up for sound check

"Oh,” he says softly. He gets up and dresses quickly and opens the door. “I’m in here J,” he says. "I'm gonna take a shower real fast."

Solon pulls his clothes straight and goes to leave too but Jared pushes him back into the room. "What the hell did you just do to him?" Jared demands.

"It's perfectly legal to sex Jared, don't get your panties in a twist."

Jared looks disgusted. "Jesus, and I thought he was growing some balls when it came to you,” he says softly, more to himself, before walking off.

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I never said you were wrong hehe, but what's Tomo gonna do? He loves Mike and Shannon.....

Helen of Troy, yeah that was my fault lol I tried to think of an embarrassing play for Tomo and got the image of him as Helen :)

too short? sorry I'm sure Solon/Matt have a lot more....actually I'm certain they do and don't loc the door so they shock poor Kayla! HAHAHA

Mattie goes through the wars, he always does when I'm writing hehe *evil grin*

Solon's unstable he's sometimes sweet (only to matt though) sometimes assholeish, he has "issues" and they will be explored later on.
We'll try to get more to you soon :D

Blondie: floor_echelon_ on April 25th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
You DID!!! I swear you did!!! But Tomo loves Shannon, Mikey's a looser *evil grin*

Mhhhhmmmm great! I dunno what but I'm not really a Kayla's fan ^^'

Mattie's way's finally not too vanilla? lol

Sol's a very interesting character, probably one of my fav' in this story... I wanna know what happened to him *hugs Sol tightly* I ♥ Solon
Jezebelle  ₪ ø Ξ .o·: JaredShannonblu_eyed_demon on April 25th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
I never said he didn't love Tomo but I may have mislead you occasionally *evil snicker* Mikey's not a looser.

Kayla's not that bad (she's partially based on my best mate Kayliegh!)

lol nope in this on he's not vanilla. i believe there's fucking on kitchen tables, handcuffs and bloodsharing on the horizon :D

hehe, I refused to make him a completely evil character, i used my physchology student stuff to give him layers and stuff. I still find the guy creepy though lmao
Blondie: parental advisory_echelon_ on April 25th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
He IS ^_____^

I don't say she's bad, there's just something i don't like in her, dunno what...

I LOVE Mattie *cuddles him* Awwwww you make me drool!!!

He's not evil, he suffers the poor baby...
Jezebelle  ₪ ø Ξ .o·: glyphblu_eyed_demon on April 26th, 2007 06:11 am (UTC)
I give up lmao


*cuddles him too* hehe good! just don't drool on the keyboard!.