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28 May 2007 @ 12:51 am
Faithless Ch. 11  
Title: Faithless Chapter 11
Author: blu_eyed_demon & agape_eternal
Fandom: 30 Seconds To Mars
Archiving: unfaithful_love
Pairing: Tomo/OMC, Tomo/Shannon, Matt/Solon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, sex
Disclaimers: We do not know these people, anything about their personalities and do not seek to make any profit from this work. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect the behavior/actions of any of these people in real life.
Summary: Tomo's got an admission...
Author Notes: We don't own 'em, just like to play with 'em. Part of a series entitled, “Faithless”
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Solon silently follows Jared through to the stage where everyone else has congregated. His focus falls onto Shannon who sits at his drums with Maddy on his laps, showing her how to do various things, laughing when she just mimics him perfectly.

"Isn't she great?" Shannon announces to Jared, kissing Maddy lightly on the head. "My little drummer girl."

Despite his anger, Jared laughs. "I think you've been replaced Shan." He then turns to Kayla. "Please say you can sing, then me and Shan can have tonight off."

"Sorry, I’m terrible,” she says laughing and shaking her head.

"I'm sure there's something you must be good at," Jared smirks sliding arms around her waist from behind. She turns her head away, embarrassed by his show of affection. "I can play guitar a little, Uncle Tomo taught me."

"Hmmm, the old mind’s working," Jared informs her and softly kisses her neck.

"Oi! Behave!" Tomo shouts instantly from the stage, where he's tuning his guitar.

"Do I ever not?" Jared asks innocently as he presses another kiss to Kayla's neck just to see the reaction he’ll get from both of them.

"J, I love you man, but back the fuck off of my god-daughter."

"Alright Geez, was only messing." Jared sighs and then regains his playful smile as he backs away from Kayla and tells her in a stage whisper, "Oh our love is forbidden, my sweet Juliet but we will find a way to be together, my love." He winks before jumping onto the stage.

“And we all know how well that story ended.” Tomo shakes his head, smiling when Mike's arms come around him and he feels a light kiss on his neck.

"I talked to Jared and he says you guys are off the rest of the afternoon, so how about we go to our place after sound check? We both need to clear the air; I hate the way things have been.”

Tomo leans back, putting his head on Mike's shoulder, and twists his neck to kiss the taller man’s dark skin softly.

"I'll be there," he whispers back looking a little uncomfortable by the public display of affection as he moves away to collect his youngest ‘sister’. Maddy protests loudly when Mike takes her away from Shannon.

"He's gotta work now sweetie," Mike gently explains as he passes the little girl to Kayla who tenses as Solon approaches her, her grip on Maddy tightening.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Solon asks gently.

Maddy buries her face in Kayla's hair.

"She's a good judge of character," the 18 year old informs Solon coldly. "I don't know what the hell you're doing here but piss off and leave us alone."

Solon raises his eyebrows and is about to speak when Mike comes over. "Leave my sisters alone Solon."

"I'm just being friendly," Solon shrugs. "Even if they aren't." He then smiles. "So, 'Mikey' what's all this I hear about you and Tomo making out?" m

"What the hell are you talking about now?" Mike asks staring at him, hoping that his sister won’t believe the other man.

"Just a little something Mattie told me," Solon shrugs innocently.

"You and Tomo?" demands Kayla. "I thought Tomo was dating Shannon." Maddy's face light's up as she starts to chant Shannon's name. "Shh, sweetie," Kayla tells her softly, watching her brother’s face as she waited for an answer.

"What did Matt tell you? Me and Tomo never made out."

"Really, so what were you doing locked in the bathroom earlier with him, moaning and groaning?"

Mike rolls his eyes. "Go crawl up in a hole and die."

"What's been going on?" Kayla demands. "Is what he's saying true?"

"It's not what you think...he's talking shit," Mike says softly.

Kayla glares at him and motions to Maddy. "Language Mike!"

"Tsk, tsk, you're not setting a very good example there Mikey," Solon scolds, clearly amused to no end.

Mike shoots him a dirty look. "Sorry Kay," he sighs. "Will you just go away?" he snaps at the shorter man.

"Geez, I was just trying to make conversation," Solon mutters.

"Yeah, well we don't feeling like talking to a guy like you so leave.” Mike puts his arm around his sister who pulls away, looking annoyed. “Really, go somewhere Solon."

"Fine." Solon wanders off, looking for someone else to piss off.

"Is that why you haven’t been talking to Tomo? He made moves on you and you freaked?" Kayla asks quietly, shifting her small sibling in her arms a little.

Mike doesn't respond just smiles when Tomo locks eyes with him.


"Kay, don't worry. And I am talking to Tommy," he says smiling at the man on stage.

"You weren't earlier...did the video thing really piss you off?"

"I just didn't want him to know I still had that but it's alright hon," he says smiling at her.

"Were you serious about letting me stay for the concert?" She asks hopefully.

"Yeah of course. As soon as soundcheck's over I’m gonna take Tom' out so you two stay with Shan, that cool?"

Maddy instantly starts bouncing.

"And I'm not complaining either," Kayla smiles. "She can't stay up for the concert though, it's way too late for a little one like her."

Maddy's face falls. "Please, please, please, please can I? Can I?" She begs Mike.

"We'll see Mads," he tells her if only to keep the calm.

They silently watched the guys on stage play random bits of songs, Maddy soon wriggles out of Kayla's protecting arms and starts whirling and dancing around, imitating Jared's movements on stage. As far as the little girl's concerned, it's over all too soon.

"Shan, can you watch Kay and Mads for a while?" Tomo asks as he jumps off the stage.

"Excuse me, I'm 18 I don't need to be watched," Kayla points out.

Tomo raises an eyebrow, silencing her. "Do you mind?" he asks again.

"Sure, we'll find something...fun to do." He's smirking at Kayla while he talks; she's instantly in shy and bashful school girl mode.

"That's sick Shan," Tomo says smiling. His smile brightens as Mike comes up and takes his hand. "I'll see you guys later," Tomo calls, following Mike.

"I'm not gonna hit on the little kid!" Shannon yells defending himself as the two leaves the building.

"Those two," Tomo says referring to the girls, "are completely smitten."

Mike just nods, pulling Tomo along.

Tomo allows Mike to lead him through familiar neighbourhoods silently; everything he wants to say, he wants to say in private until they finally reach their destination.

Tomo climbs up the tree and leads Mike into the old tree house in Mike’s garden. It’s better made than most tree houses and it’s still in good condition; it's still big enough for them too. Christ, they used to fit the whole gang up there when no one really felt like going home. The familiarity of the place instantly relaxes Tomo as he plops himself on the simply made bedding in the corner.

"How many nights did we spend here?" he sighs softly.

"Lost count babe." Mike smiles at the memories.

"How many times did we drop E here? Jeez, those were some times."

"Yeah, but we've out grown that,” Mike reminds him. "After the last time...that fall you took Tomo, I was fucking shitting myself. Thought I'd lost you."

"I'm sorry," Tomo says softly, patting space beside him.

Mike takes the hint and a seat beside Tomo. "How're you holding up?" he asks softly, brushing the hair from Tomo's face.

"M'fine," Tomo says softly taking his friends hand. "Really, I’m doing good."

"I can't imagine what it must have been like; you must be hurting so much." Mike shakes his head. "But we're not here to talk about that, are we?"

"No we're not. I was hoping you'd explain what earlier was all about."

"Explain what exactly?" Mike looks uncomfortable, swallowing hard.

"Explain to me why the play has you so upset.” Mike shifts away, shaking his head. “Look, how's this--you answer me that and then I’ll answer any question you have?"

Mike looks down at the floor. "I told you…that play, seeing you like that confused me so much back then but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I used to watched the tape because...that's the last thing I have before all the drug shit started, the last video I have of you that isn't of you high or totally smashed...."

Tomo put his head in Mike's lap and looks up. "Why'd it confuse you?"

"You're you Tomo, a guy, you're weren't meant to look so...I wasn’t meant to want to...it doesn't matter, I don't think it anymore so, it's all cool," Mike shrugs.

"I still want to know," Tomo says looking up at him.

"I didn't want you to know," Mike tells Tomo sadly.

"Fine," Tomo murmurs, he turns over and lays quiet for a while.

"I'm sorry," Mike says softly after some time. "But, I didn't know what to think, I didn't want to be thinking what I was thinking, not about you and-" Tomo cuts him off suddenly, angrily.

"Why? Because you once thought you might have had some fucking feelings for me? Because you're supposed to be straight? Because for one minute you thought could've been in love with your best friend?" Tomo's starting to get emotional, but he swallows it as best he can.

"Tomo don't take it like that! I just, you know what it's like growing up here, you know what my father was like. I was scared that if someone thought we were, well y'know then we'd have the shit beat outta us not to mention what my father coulda done to us. Tomo, we were fifteen fucking years old and I just didn't know what to do. Besides, back then you were only interested in girls like Jenna and Brittany anyways," Mike finished by shaking his head and sighing, he didn’t know what else to do or say.

"You dumb shit; I was only ever interested in YOU. I mean sure Brit and Jen were hot back then, but if you had shown the slightest interest; those girls wouldn't’ve crossed my mind."

"It doesn't matter now, it's been over a decade if something was supposed to happen it would have by now," Mike says softly, fingers stroking Tomo's hair. "You have Shannon and I couldn't be happier for you, and I’m glad-he's good for you."

"Yeah, you're right...you're always right," Tomo says softly. He keeps his back to Mike, face in his arms. He's doing everything not to cry. Mike's not stupid, he's knows Tomo's hiding tears.

"Tomo, look at me," he asks faintly.

Tomo shakes his head, using his sleeve to wipe at his face. "Why? There's nothing to see," he mutters.

"Yes there is, I've made you cry. Why? What have I done baby?" Mike asks, a little confused.

Tomo laughs after a long pause of silence but there's no humour behind it. "Nothing Mike, really. I'm fine."

Mike pulls him up so they’re face to face. "I'm not an idiot so don't treat me like one,” he tells Tomo. "Why are you crying?"

Tomo shrugs looking away from him. "I never stopped loving you, you know..." he says trailing off.

"Don’t do this, you have Shannon, he can offer you something better." Mike whispers pleadingly.

"Why does it have to be better than what you could've given me? Baby, I’ve known you since we were kids. I know you better than anyone, you know me better and yet you tell me he's better for me? Why?" Tomo demands as they shift so they are both lying on their sides, facing each other.

"He's a rockstar making real money and shit, he can offer you a decent life. He really loves you, you’re his entire world and I now he’s the same to you. What am I? Practically an orphan with two sisters to support, an endless run of dead-end jobs and commitment issues." Mikes shakes his head. "Besides, we'd be risking our friendship."

"Honestly, my music, anything and everything I do, doesn't mean shit unless you're there. Do you know how many times I just wished I would've said no to the audition and stayed back with you? You have no idea how much you mean to me. It's not about the money or the job...it's about the person. Fuck that materialistic shit."

"I thought you were in love with him, why else would you let Solon do those things with you?" Mike's taken aback by this revelation, he's totally thrown.

"I love Shannon very much. But...I’m not so sure if it could surpass the love I have for you. Without you, none of this means anything."

"You have no idea how much that means Tommy or how much it’s fucking me up in the same instant but you know we can't act on it for so many reasons. You're all that's getting Shannon through this shit with Solon," Mike tells him, playing with his friend's hair again.

Tomo closes his eyes and turns over, away from his friend. He pulls his chain out and turns the ring around on it.

"Tomo, don't be that way."

"What way?" Tomo asks softly, his arms crossing in his common defensive stance.

"You know that now's not right for us at all, maybe sometime in the future if I wasn’t…not now. There's too much drama going on anyways."

Tomo nods, his arms tightening around himself. "I think I’m gonna take a nap ok?"

Mike shifts so he curled up behind Tomo, wrapping his arms around him. "I'm sorry baby, you know I'm talking sense though."

"You always do," Tomo says softly. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.

"All will feel better after a little sleep," he promises, kissing the back of Tomo's neck.

"Sure," Tomo murmurs. He leaves it at that, not even bothering to ask if Mike has a question for him, he tries his hardest to fall asleep.

Mike knows Tomo's only pretending to sleep so he lies still and just holds him for several hours until the Croatian can pretend no more. Tomo gets up and walks around, fingers tracing different things on the wonky shelves, he smiles when he comes to a picture of the two of them.

Mike continues to feign sleep as Tomo moves around, picking up various pictures and different objects, immersing himself in the memories. He continuously plays with his chain as he does so, before going to lay back with Mike this time face to face.

He presses a soft kiss to his mouth before settling, Mike lies still as Tomo starts to sadly talk to his 'sleeping' form.

"I lied to you earlier," he says softly. "When I said I never remembered anything." He closes his eyes, trying to avoid the silent tears. Mike fights to not show emotions. He feels hurt that Tomo lied to him, most of all about something like that.

Tomo turns to the 'sleeping' man and curls into his side. "I'm sorry I lied to you," he whispers. Mike contemplates 'waking' but Tomo starts to talk, he's got more to say.

"I never wanted you to know...you never remembered anyway, so what was the point in completely freaking you out and losing you? I couldn't have lost you...I never would've made it. So it was my secret."

Mike 'wakes' up and looks at Tomo. "What happened those times? I want to know."

"What do you think Michael?" he asks, crying softly.

"Tommy, please, what did you...we...what did we do?" Mike looks up at him. "I need to know, please."

"We...you know," Tomo whispers, gesturing helplessly.

"I need details; I want to know how far we went Tommy. I don't remember it all, I need to know."

"We went all the way," he says softly. He bites his lip to stop himself from crying again.

"What...? Why....? When....? Who....? How..?" Mike's at a loss yet again, he hadn't expected that.

"I don't know Mike...I don't know what was going on in your head. Maybe it was just the drugs or maybe something more. It doesn't matter...you don't remember and we can't do anything about it. I just didn't like that I lied about this. YOU were supposed to be ASLEEP."

"Tomo, you've just told me that we’ve slept together, of course I fucking have questions! I…how did it happen? Were you ever planning on telling me all this?" Mike asks, his mind filling with a million questions.

"Nope," Tomo says looking up at him. "I didn't want to scare you away."

"I'm not scared," Mike says faintly. "I just wish I could remember."

"Me too," Tomo whispers.

He leans in and kisses him softly and despite his thoughts and misgivings, Mike melts into the kiss causing Tomo to moan softly. The darker man’s arms wrap around Tomo's waist again, pulling him closer, which Tomo eagerly allows him to do; he doesn't want this kiss to end.

Mike feels Tomo's hips grinding against his. His friend is hard, very hard but instead of feeling scared or confused as he would’ve expected, it feels almost familiar and he deepens the kiss. Tomo moans as his tongue entwines with Mike's. He can't stop himself from grinding against the other man. Mike feels Tomo pulling at his t-shirt and allows him to remove it before helping the Croatian with his own, marvelling at the stark contrast between Tomo's paleness and his own dark skin as the Croatian start kissing and nipping at his chest.

Tomo smiles, sucking a nipple into his mouth and nibbles softly as the nub hardens in his mouth, Mike bucks up with a moan and looks down at Tomo in surprise.

Lust is overtaking the rational part of Mike’s mind, which is reminding him all the reasons they shouldn't be doing this, as Tomo moves to the other nipple and takes his friends hand in his. Mike moans loudly again but this time he's cut off by Tomo's blackberry going off, the Croatian sighs heavily, electing not to answer it and simply turns it off instead. He doesn't want to lose this chance with Mike.

Mike freezes as Tomo dips lower and starts to undo his pants. "What's wrong?" Tomo asks, taking Mike's hand in a comforting gesture. He continues to kiss down his stomach. "I don't know...I...we should...I don't know if I want..." Mike can't form full sentences. Tomo leans up and kisses him softly again, unzipping his jeans.

Mike's breathing hitches as it really hits him what they're doing, what Tomo's about to do. Suddenly his own blackberry rings, instead of ignoring it, he answers.

"Hello?" he asks, trying to hide a gasp as Tomo's wet tongue licks up his hard cock.

"So what're you and your little bitch up to?" Solon's cold and clear voice cuts across the phone as Tomo's continuing his ministrations on Mike. He looks up at him with pleading eyes to hang up.

"He's not a bitch," Mike snarls as his hips buck up, Tomo’s started taking Mike’s length into his mouth inch by inch, causing the other man to gasp softly.

"Yes he is," is the cold remark. "And a whore too. When you're done with him, kindly remind him we had a bargain and he needs to fulfil his end of it." Solon clicks off before Mike can say anything. Mike throws the blackberry away, suddenly losing the feeling of lust that had moments ago clouded his senses to overwhelming anger.

"What's wrong?" Tomo asks looking up at him. His hand traces Mike's inner thigh as he speaks. "Mikey? Baby, what's wrong?"

"Solon...stuff he said..." Mike mumbles.

"Oh," Tomo sits back biting his lip.

"He just reminded me that I'll be your third guy in two days that's all," Mike says quietly.

Tomo looks hurt as he stands and backs away from his friend. "Yeah I guess so…" He bites his lip hard and crosses his arms over his chest. "Let’s just go," he says softly. "I'll be in the house." He practically runs out of the tree into the house, in search of his old kit.

Mike pulls his clothes back on before following Tomo inside.

It doesn’t take him long to find his friend, exactly where he expects him to be. He’s still shocked when he opens the bathroom door.

"Tomo don't do that, I just-" He cuts off as he sees what Tomo's doing.

Tomo's huddled on the floor of the bathroom, razor in hand.

"The bad stuff is always easier to believe," he whispers quietly to no one in particular.

"Tomo!" he gasps, dropping to his knees and pulling the blade from Tomo's hands before he has a chance to do any damage.

Tomo reaches for it. "Give it back!" He's crying again.

"Baby, no I'm not going to let you hurt yourself anymore." For lack of anything else to do that’ll fix things, he kisses Tomo softly who yields instantly as he clings to the bigger man.

Mike half carries Tomo out of the room and into his bedroom, silently consenting as he lies back on the bed. Tomo doesn't even ask, he simply removes Mike's shirt again and gently kisses down his chest. He undoes Mike's jeans, slipping them off to return to his previous position. Mike moans quietly as Tomo's mouth engulfs him fully this time, the guitarist continues his ministrations on Mike, caressing his inner thighs as he had before, this time creating the desired effect. Mike trembles under Tomo's touch, moaning for more as he takes as much of Mike as he can handle and starts bobbing his head causing moans to get louder and hips to thrust up. Suddenly Tomo deep throats him and Mike completely loses himself.

He comes instantly before shyly mumbling, "S-sorry Tomo."

Tomo cleans him and crawls up kissing him softly. "It's ok baby," he murmurs against Mike's lips.

"No it's not, I shouldn't have, I mean I'm acting like some sorta virgin teenager, I shouldn't have, so quickly." He rolls over, face in his pillow, ashamed with himself.

Tomo smiles and strokes his back gently before shifting behind him and wrapping his arms around Mike. "It's really ok...you know I’m not gonna laugh at you," he whispers.

"I've ruined this now." he says softly. "And Solon's waiting, says you two have a bargain."

Tomo kisses him before pulling back. As Mike rolls over and watched his friend undress, seeing the bandages and wounds reminds him of Tomo's torture the day before. Fear flashes in Tomo's eyes as he watches Mike’s eye roam over him. His hand flinches towards his growing pile of clothes as he becomes tempted to put his shirt back on.

Mike sees this and gently takes hold of Tomo's wrist. "Don't, it's ok."

Tomo nods smiling softly as he leans over and kisses Mike softly. The bigger man gently runs his hands over the lashes on Tomo's back as he kisses him causing Tomo to moan quietly into the kiss.

"What do you want to do Tomo?" He asks, his mouth close to Tomo's ear.

"I need you," the still shy man whispers softly.

"How ? What do you want baby?" Mike asks, kissing the Croatian's neck gently.

Tomo moans quietly. "Inside," he murmurs.

But Mike falters. "You sure...after Solon...you sure you want me to?"

"Yes." Tomo kisses his shoulder gently. "I'm positive."

"I…Ok, but I don't remember doing this, so be patient k?" He gently rolls them over so Tomo's lying on his back.

"Always baby," Tomo whispers, smiling.

He kisses Tomo gently before Tomo takes the other man’s index finger in his mouth, sucking on it gently. He makes a show out of it, swirling his tongue around the tip before letting it go and taking another finger on which he repeated the process.

After tentatively pausing for a second, Mike guides his now slick fingers back so he's massaging the tight ring of muscle that guard's Tomo's entrance causing moans as the Croatian throws his head back.

When he's sure he's not hurting Tomo, the nervous Mike slides his finger slowly into his friend’s orifice. Experimentally, Mike slowly starts to moves his finger, freezing when Tomo suddenly bucks up with and loud groan. "What the fuck?"

Tomo lets out a low moan. "Keep going, it's ok. Mikey, meet my prostate," he says smiling but falters slightly as he realises he's paraphrasing Shannon, though he forgets it again as soon Mike's finger hits his prostate again. Seeing Tomo in such a blissful state makes Mike smile as his adds a second finger carefully. Tomo moans his name as he pushes against his fingers and is silenced by a tender kiss placed soundly on the lips

Slowly, a third finger is added as Tomo writhes beneath his friend, working his hips hard and fast.

"Mikey, please," Tomo begs softly.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Mike asks .

Tomo nods. "Yeah, I’m ready."

Carefully, Mike pulls himself up so he's about to enter Tomo but pauses.

"What's the matter?" the Croatian asks softly, stroking Mike's arm.

"Are you sure you want this? There'll be no going back."

"I'm positive are you having second thoughts?"

"No baby, I just don't exactly want Leto after me, do I?"

Tomo smirks. "No, but I’m sure."

With that Mike pushes into Tomo, slowly, torturously so, though he doesn't mean it to be and Tomo moans softly, legs coming up around Mike's waist.

Mike lets out a moan of his own as the hot, tight muscle tightens around his cock and he thrusts his hips slightly, hitting Tomo's prostate once again.

"Fuck Mikey...so good," The Croatian murmurs between moans.

"You like that baby?" Mike confidence grows as Tomo becomes more vocal.

"Yes!" Tomo thrusts against him moaning his name. Mike's thrusting picking up speed as his hips develop a will of their own.

Tomo pulls him down for a kiss as he pushes back against him and Mike can feel himself getting close again so starts to move quicker, hitting Tomo's prostate even harder.

In ecstasy below the black man, Tomo screams out Mike's name, his hand moving to his cock. Mikes hand almost instantly joins Tomo's, helping him to come hard between them.

Tomo shudders hard as he comes between them, moaning Mike's name over and over, clenching down around him causes Mike to come for the second time, groaning and moaning as he does so before falling slack on top of Tomo.

Tomo moans happily, tightening himself around Mike when he tries to get up and pull out.

"What it is baby?" he asks Tomo softly.

"I just want you to stay here for a while, stay in me…" he says blushing slightly.

"Ok baby." Mike says softly, kissing Tomo gently.

Tomo smiles, wrapping his arms around Mike's neck and kisses back, nibbling his bottom lip.

"We can't stay too much longer." Mike reminds him, threading his hand with Tomo's.

"I know," he says softly. He nuzzles Mike's chest and places a soft kiss over his heartbeat, Mikes sighs a little before pulling out of Tomo, who rolls over on to his side and curls up with the other man.

"Baby, this can't happen again. You're with Shannon and I'm not going to ruin that, he and the rest of you guys are basically my bosses now," Mike says, pulling Tomo close when his grip tightens on Mike's hand.

Tomo nods biting his lip before leaning up to kiss him quickly. "C'mon, let's get washed up," he says pulling away from the bigger man.

Mike pulls Tomo back. "Don't push me away or anything stupid Tomo, I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm not and I know that. This," he says playing with the ring that hangs from his neck, "tells me that. I know."

Mike smiles, satisfied before he follows Tomo through to his bathroom. Tomo starts the shower, still holding onto Mike's hand, and steps in pulling Mike under the spray with him. The bigger man gently washes away the little blood that’s spilt from Tomo opening wounds when he spots the freshly scabbed over cuts from Tomo’s episode with the bathroom mirror.

"Baby? When did you do these? They weren’t this bad last night."

Tomo looks away from him. "This morning after the bathroom thing."

Mike frowns. "Then you did this because of me...But how? Jared and me got rid of all the blades." He's pulled away from Tomo, horrified that he's the cause of all the gashes.

Tomo reaches out for him. "I broke the mirror because I thought I had lost you," he says softly.

"Never." Mike promises, pulling Tomo close again to strengthen the statement. "Never baby."

Tomo happily wraps his arms around the bigger man and kisses him gently. "I love you."

"Love you too Tommy."

The words cause Tomo to smile as he starts to wash Mike slowly.

Mike relaxes under the familiar touch

Tomo caresses him, taking care to touch him everywhere.

Mike moans quietly pulling Tomo closer, Tomo whimpers as Mike accidentally splits open one of the gashed wounds on his back in the desperation to feel every inch of Tomo one last time.

"Shit, baby I'm so sorry." But this only reminds Mike of where he must send Tomo soon, of who's clutches he must deliver Tomo into.

"It's ok," Tomo says kissing him. He runs his hands up the bigger man’s muscular arms, wanting to spend as much time with him as he can.

Eventually though, they can't put it off any longer and after dressing, and on Mike's part pack a bag, before they make their way back to the tour buses.

Tomo hugs him tight. "Thank you," he whispers in his ear, gently kissing it.

"My pleasure baby," Mike replies as they board the bus.


Tomo sees Solon and instantly his face drops. The dreaded man is sitting with his arm slung around Matt possessively.

"What's the matter with you, whore?" he sneers.

Tomo's eyes drop and he shakes his head silently as Matt leans over and whispers, "Don't be so hard on him please baby?" he asks, softly kissing Solon's ear.

"Not even gonna touch him, I’m staying with you," he tells Matt, who grins and brightens considerably. Solon’s not in the mood anymore though he doesn't let on; he simply turns to Tomo and orders, "Tomorrow morning, first thing, no excuses."

Tomo nods and goes in search of Mike. He finds him in the back of the bus where Jared, Shannon, Maddy and Kayla are all curled up asleep in a big pile.

"Don't they look sweet," Mike smirks knowing what Tomo's thinking.

"Too sweet." Tomo says matching the smirk with his own and suddenly turns on the hi-fiat full volume, filling the entire bus with Avenged Sevenfold.

"What the fuck?" Jared jumps up. "What's your fucking problem? Scaring people like that?!" he yells.

Tomo and Mike both glare at him. "Little girl right there you idiot, I know it's hard for you but no swearing."

Luckily Maddy had hidden from the noise by half burrowing under some cushions and hadn't heard.

"You really expected me not to cuss you out after that? My ears!"

Tomo smirks. "You'll survive beside you two looked way too cosy with my daughters."

"God-daughters," Jared points out.

"Same difference."

"Right. We were just keeping them entertained, weren't we Maddy?" Jared asks as the little girl goes straight for Shannon. "I guess we know who her favourite is then."

"Can you blame her?" Tomo asks with a smirk.

Jared discreetly shows him the finger. "Good to see you're feeling better today Tomo."

"That's very sweet of you Jared." Tomo returns the gestures. "And I think it's the wonders of being home." He plonks down next to Kayla, wincing very slightly.

"Have the brother's been behaving, honey?" She smiles widely and nods.

"We've been little angels," Jared informs the Croatian. "The girls on the other hand, have been little devils, and I’ve learned nasty things from this one. Completely disgusting and distasteful suggestions.” He gestures to Kayla as Shannon starts tickling Maddy.

"I'm so sure." Tomo rolls his eyes as he pats the couch next to him for Mike to sit.

"I'm telling the truth!" Jared claims as Mike takes a seat. "Kay has been trying to seduce us, she's got the filthiest mouth I've ever heard." To which the teenager splutters.

"I haven't I swear if anyone’s been misbehaving it's him!"

"Don't worry, I believe you," Tomo says laughing and taking Mike's hand which makes Shannon frown slightly. "But I know for a fact you've got a helluva mouth at times."

Maddy has a question for Shannon, after saying his name several times, she's satisfied she has his attention.

"Shanannon? What's a bitch?" They all look at each over worriedly.

"Where did you hear that word sweetheart?" Shannon asks softly, she points down the bus.

"He called uncle Tomo a bitch, what’s that?"

Shannon looks her, obviously choosing his words carefully. "It's a very bad word sweetheart and I don't want to hear you saying it again. It's mean and nasty and shouldn't be used, got it?"

She nods frantically. Tomo just frowns, and leans back against Mike, shaking his head which causes a spark of jealousy to flash in Shannon’s eyes.

"I am going to kill Solon," the Croatian murmurs, though they both know it isn't true. Mike just shakes his head and holds Tomo's hand; the smaller man squeezes it and smiles.

Maddy suddenly clambers across laps until she reaches Jared, and tilts her head looking at him curiously.

"What's up baby girl?" he asks her. She continues to study him closely, not saying a word.

Jared looks towards Mike and Tomo. "What's she doing?" he asks.

"She's trying to figure you out, I think, you are a bit overwhelming Jared. It's probably worse for a little kid like her," Mike says softly, watching his sister with amusement.

"Thanks," Jared says as he tickles the little girl.

She giggles then suddenly reaching out and touches his face lightly with her fingers, she looks utterly transfixed.

He scoops her up and kisses her cheek. "Such a cutie," he says poking her tummy.

"What if I wanted to break," she quotes the lyrics quietly, still watching Jared.

Jared smiles. "Laugh it all off in your face," he sings to her, making the little girl giggle.

"I think she just worked out where she knows you from," Kayla grins as Maddy squawks in delight and claps, cradled in Jared’s arms.

Tomo smiles at the two and then up at Mike. "I think someone's got permanent place here," he smiles.

Mike grins back. "Yeah I think you're right." He's tempted to kiss that smile but refrains since Shannon’s watching them like a hawk.

"She'll be heartbroken when we leave, I think they both will." Tomo looks over at Kayla who's deep in conversation with Shannon.

"I know, but I'm not leaving you baby."

"But you're leaving them." Tomo points out.

"I know, I know," Mike says looking at his sisters.

"We gotta make sure we come back soon, can't leave them for too long." Tomo points out "I'm not looking forward to telling Maddy she's got to say goodbye to them."

"Me either baby, me either. She's gonna throw a fit."

"I guess we pass that hurdle when we come to it. How long till the show?"

"About two hours, why?" he asks running his fingers through Tomo's hair.

"The boys said they were gonna turn up early according to you, just was wondering when they were gonna show their ugly faces," Tomo shrugs.

"Do you talk about us like that all the time?" a voice at the door asks.

"Dino!" Tomo bolts for the group of men at the entrance of the bus. "Mikey! C'mon!"

Matt watches Tomo and Mike rush out of the bus into a group of guys and shakes his head, going to join his other bandmates and the girls. "He seems happier, healthier," he comments, nodding towards Tomo.

"Why wouldn't he be?" Kayla asks pointedly

Matt bites his lip. "The stress of tour had him bummed for a while, but seeing you guys has brightened him up."

"Poor Tommy, no one mentioned that to me...How did he get hurt? He’s limping a bit, what happened?"

"Don't worry, he's fine honey," Matt says.

"How'd it happen?" She asks more firmly than before as Maddy decides it's time to investigate Matt, she plonks herself down onto his lap, hand running over one of his tattoos on his arm, absolutely fascinated.

"Like it?" The bassist asks her, stroking her hair.

"Guys, tell me what happened," Kayla says more insistently as Maddy explores Matt's heart/barbed wire tattoo. Matt puts the little girl down long enough to remove his shirt, bearing the rest of his visible tattoo's to her amazement

"It's nothing Kay,” Matt says picking Maddy back up. "Really, he's fine." The toddler giggles and claps, poking one of the birds on Matt's chest.

"If it's nothing, then why won't you tell me?" the older girl reasons, looking first to Matt then to the Letos on each side of her.

"Me and Tomo just got a little rough,” Shannon finally lies. "Don't think he really wants you to know about that part of his life."

"Right..." Kayla says though clearly she doesn't know what to think.

Maddy continues giggling as Matt smiles and leans back so Maddy can see the Rock 'N Roll tat.

"Who drew on you Mattie?" She asks innocently.

"A friend,” he says playing with one of her pigtails gently.

"Why did they draw on you?" She doesn't quite understand the concept of tattoos.

“If that’s all that’s wrong then why-“

“Kay, honey...” Jared’s sentence trailed of into whispered in her ear, Jared’s clearly decided it's time to distract Kayla by hitting on her again.

"Because I wanted them to,” Matt explains to the little girl as Shannon joins in hitting with Jared’s game, Kayla gets all giggly again as the brothers both wrap their arms around her shoulders.

"Don't you remember you haven't had your reward yet?" Shannon says low in her ear.

"What's it gonna be?" She asks.

Shannon looks over at Jared, smirking. "What do you think Jay, what does Kayla deserve?"

"Nothing!" Maddy pitches in.

"Oh thanks Mads, I only look after you 24/7 and that's the thanks I get? Love you too." Kayla rolls her eyes

Maddy giggles and claps, bouncing on Matt's lap while Jared looks over at Shannon and smirks back, saying, "I dunno, maybe we should let baby girl pitch in."

Maddy giggles. "I know best." The little girl pokes her tongue out at Kayla before turning back to Matt, she starts to trace 'Rock 'n' Roll' with one of her little fingers, causing Matt to squirm and laugh.

"You're tickling me,” he laughs as he returns the favour.

Meanwhile, Mike and Tomo are hanging outside surrounded by the noise of all his old friends and Tomo finally feels like he's home. He's having hugs and play abuse systematically thrown at him, and while they don't know his injuries and therefore aren’t gentle, Tomo ignores the pain in favour of his friends.

Mike wraps his arms around him. "Alright, enough with him being a punching bag,” he says, settling the guys down a little. Tomo smiles up at him and then back at his gang of friends.

"I've really missed you guys!" No one waits their turns in responding to him, so Tomo gets confused extremely quickly.

"Hey! One at a time! I know I’m loved and all but damn!" He laughs at himself, feeling safe in Mike's arms.

"You ain't loved, you little shit," Kenyan teases. "You've just been gone so long we forgot we all hated you."

"Whatever," Tomo says rolling his eyes.

"So what's this band of yours like?" one of the guys asks, causing the noise to start again.

"You mean you ain't heard em?" Angel asks

"No, it's not exactly what I call music, is it?"

"If it ain't rap, you ain't interested!" someone else points out. Soon Tomo can't keep track and simply allows the noise to wash over him

Mike rolls his eyes at the group of guys. "You feeling ok?" He asks Tomo quietly in his ear.

"Fine," Tomo assures him. "You know I prefer listening to talking. I'll let them get on with it for a while."

Mike makes sure no ones watching before stealing a quick kiss. "It's nice isn't it?"

"Yeah, I really have missed these crazy fuckers." After a while, he recaptures his audience. "You wanna meet some of the guys? The kids are totally smitten with them." There's agreement all around so Tomo leads the pack onto the bus.

"J, Shan, Mattie, I want you to meet my crew." Mike's still got his arms around him as he walks causing Shannon to make a nose scarily similar to a growl.

Matt's stretched over most of the seating, head in Jared's lap and Maddy on his stomach, still poking at tattoos, Shannon fiddling with his camera and Kayla's gone.

"Hey." Matt raises his head slightly in greeting

A round of “hey’s” ring out as Tomo looks around wildly. "Where's K?"

Shannon looks up, a little alarmed "She's not with you? That’s where she said she was going."

"Fuck,” Tomo says bolting back outside. "Kay? Kay? Don't fucking play with me Kayla, where are you?"

"I'm in here, you retard," her voice comes from inside the bus. Tomo sighs with relief, but its short lived as he sees her company. "What're you doing over here?"

She's down the other end of the bus sitting with one of the drivers and Solon.

"Just had some questions, wanted to know why an ex-member was hanging around, I have my answers now," She shrugs before making her way down the bus, through the large crowd lounging in every space available, and goes to take her seat between the brothers again but instead ends up, due to being pulls her down, sitting on Jared’s lap instead. Tomo's crew have started a large confused conversation, which only Jared seems able to keep track of.

"What did you tell her Solon?" He asks. He can feel his heart rate speed up.

Solon shrugs innocently. "What she wanted to know."

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